A message of hope

A message of hope

A Poem by poetry-kiddo alienbaba

Dear friends, trust this small heartfelt note sees you and your beloved families in good health and smiling. Thank you for being a part of the Facebook family and contributing with your posts and conversations in your unique ways in the multitude of live-feeds, pages,messages, groups and conversation-rooms.

A good word specially to the FB creators and /partners/admin/moderator/logistics/designers/developers and internet Gurus along with all associated teams who have taken the responsibility of moderating and looking after the portal as their sacred duty.

I wish you all good cheer and great success in your lives. Humanity is facing a new challenge each passing day and many good souls have lost their lives along the way. I am sorry for many of you who have lost your loved ones as they have departed to their heavenly abode following their path of light to watch over you and us all. I wish you the strength to bear your loss and hope you will find the grace to lighten your hearts and to find your inner-peace again.

To those of you who are feeling lost ...please don't be ...everyone is bound securely since inception of time to the silver cord, the universal umblical cord of the Divine... that binding-promise , that secure bond will find you always wherever you may be and however you are...cling on to it in every cyclone and maelstrom ..every calamity and every doubt and you shall just be fine! Be secure and have faith even when in the eye of the storm as it's the best place to be in actually...as outside is the dark void of exponential confusion...we have to be patient till we see the real white pure light.

Think about it and wonder... Just like the going gets tough as you approach the summit of a mountain-peak; so this too, seeming turbulence shall pass...as what comes next is the ethereal view that you could hold your breath for to behold an eternity... ... ...

The challenge lies in persevering till then; till there! As long as divine breath circulates and makes precious blood flow along every pulsating vien and artery of your body, the vessel of your spirit and the temple of your soul... As plasma and cells thrive as do the planets and stars with heavenly bodies of celestial stature...the macrocosm meeting the microcosm...completely in harmony with every organ and tissue... every muscle and tendon heaving and relaxing. Every meridian silently carrying life force of pranic energy to all the chakras, your bio-psychic wheels of cosmic conjunction...

Every good thought you generate in your mind will allow your brain to recreate your reality the way that you want it to be for you and for your world!
Manifestation is the result of prayers in your own language and your own humble gentle way. They are answered if you believe they shall be.

I believe they have been already and the fruit and flowers
Of ardent devotion and infinite patience are about to appear and blossom In your lives!

So let us live with a smile in every situation as life is a mystery and what we do today will one day be history.
Let's make each second of our blessed existence count!

Warm regards and blessings
-Roque Lazarus

© 2021 poetry-kiddo alienbaba

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poetry-kiddo alienbaba
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Added on May 1, 2021
Last Updated on May 1, 2021


poetry-kiddo alienbaba
poetry-kiddo alienbaba

Shambala, North

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