A Poem by Chloe Rose

This is based off of a personal experience. It is hard to write about, since it is so real.

Clouded by naivety,
Drugged by callowness,
I let him in...
His smile triggered trust,
It took advantage of my immaturity,
The perilous grin twisting my judgments,
Destroying them,
Leaving me defenseless....
His age was but a number,
Only a fact,
It didn't represent the human inside,
What hid in his soul...
He continued blinding me with his smile,
A friendly gesture used to distort logic,
A mechanism shadowing my juvenile thoughts...
A year in time did not corrode his smirk,
But shaped my reasoning,
Invisible hands pried my eyes open to the danger within the grin...
More time cleared my vision,
And confessions colored him,
Into a man of evil...
He launched his stalwart emotions onto me,
Attacking me from all sides,
Severing me with invisible knives,
Tearing and ripping me apart,
Until I was left raw and bleeding,
My basic skeleton drifting in the ocean....
Time continued to remove the veil so severely obstructing my vision,
Revealing a frightening future,
If I continue to find security in the smile...
The sun jolted power,
Rays filled me with strength,
Words poured out of me,
Radiating outward to attack him from all sides,
I found my voice...
My voice was not enough,
He continued to exert control,
Skipping through my dreams,
Echoing in my nightmares,
Dancing through my thoughts,
Evoking fear to mark his domination...
He followed a constant path,
Up and down my street,
Prowling the houses,
Peeling through the people,
To find me...
I memorized his breath,
The pace of his step,
They are imprinted in my memory,
Burning in my mind,
Reflecting dread...
Camouflaged by his disguise of normality,
I feel like the prey,
Constantly hiding behind my blinds,
Concealed behind my drapes,
Harboring my fear in my bed,
Feeding off of the hope he will one day discontinue the hunt...
Everyday he remains unaffected by time,
As he continues to stalk,
Flashing his most lethal weapon.
The smile that symbolizes his obsession.

© 2010 Chloe Rose

Author's Note

Chloe Rose
what do you think of the flow and emotion? was it too confusing?

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Added on June 28, 2010
Last Updated on June 28, 2010
Tags: stalking, obsession, fear, domination


Chloe Rose
Chloe Rose


Hi, I'm Rose! All I need is a pen and paper, and all of my ideas flow out. Simplistic, yes. I love writing. It has always been a loyal friend, opening me up to share and confess my emotions. I like ex.. more..

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