A Poem by rosemary keogh

Why has the beauty died in you
Why are the colors faded dark
I left you alone for a little while
Were is the glistening ,were is the spark

Why has your song, played down its tune
Was I alone in seeing your sun
Why am I seeing a broken soul
Let me bring peace to your broken heart

Why has the sea formed in your eyes
It’s forming in mine, when I see you cry
When will your heart beat fast again
Help me to find my free spirited friend

Why has the love I feel you, overcome
Everything in my thoughts . When will you see what my heart really feels, when will you find your true inner love ❤️

(c) Rosemary Keogh 2017

© 2018 rosemary keogh

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An emoji for a title is unique - anywhere. Spell check only finds misspelled words - not wrong or missing ones. "Were" or where? And if you read this one aloud slowly you will find the missing...

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on February 26, 2018
Last Updated on February 26, 2018


rosemary keogh
rosemary keogh

dublin, Ireland

hi in new to this and would like to get better. im a mother of 5 children and a carer. so if u like or if u dont plz leave a comment either way. thank you hope to learn a lot from here. :) more..