Chapter one

Chapter one

A Chapter by Surrealstorm

Chapter one



The days at the office were the worst… I thought to myself as I tried to get a pencil to balance on my nose. It wasn’t working too well; I think my nose is just a bit too angled for it stay on without tilting my head back. I tried it anyway. I had nothing else to do.


            After a few more moments I gave up and began organizing my desk for the seventh time that morning. I put my stapler, which had never been used, to the far right and adjusted my calendar closer to the top of my desk instead of where it been sitting at the bottom. I sighed. Days at the office were just boring.


            I stared at the clock trying to use my Jedi mind tricks to make the little hand jump a few hours to the right. It failed, but perhaps that’s because I don’t have Jedi mind powers. Oh the agony of being me. 


            It wasn’t that I didn’t like to work. I love my job. Unfortunately my favorite part was the fieldwork and currently there were no projects that I was working on. Damn government was having a dry spell when it came to problems that needed my special skills which meant I was stuck in my office waiting to see if I could get a side job to avoid the boredom that had been plaguing me. This was the third day in a row of nothing.


            Perhaps I needed to advertize more. I’d thought about it in the past but my job isn’t exactly the advertizing type. Actually, I wouldn’t even know what to call my job. It’s a mish mash of private detective work and well…sex. Now I don’t mean real sex. That would just be crude. But sex does have a lot to do with how I do all the private detective work. People will tell you anything when they’re attracted to you and I use that to my advantage. It’s like my special power, I can get any man to fall in compete lust with me. I wonder if they’d let me into the super friends club with a power like that. Somehow I don’t think they would.


            The problem with having complete control over a man’s libido is that I never know if the guy has a hard on for me, or if my special mojo has conjured it out of his pants. It makes it hard to have a proper relationship with someone. So instead I spend most Saturday nights my good friend Absolute as we drown our sorrows and then pass out in a drunken haze. Don’t laugh; it’s a perfectly normal way to spend the weekend. At least I know when to quit…most of the time.


            I looked at the clock again for about the ten thousandth time that morning. It was eleven A.M. Impatient I decided that it’s time to go on a lunch break. Grabbing my gorgeous red handbag (it’s Gucci too), I stood up to leave when a loud knock at the door makes my heart skip a beat. CLIENT!


            I promptly sat back down in my chair smoothing out my skirt and shirt so I looked presentable.


            “Come in.” I used my professional voice. I needed the job. Badly.


            The door opened and a young woman in her thirties strode in. Her hair was professionally styled and her clothes spoke volumes to me when it came to dollar signs. I crossed my fingers under the desk; Please let this be a live one…


            “Hi, I’m Alice Russo. How can I help you?” I reached over the desk offering her my hand and she shook it reluctantly.


            “My name is Melanie and I’m actually here to offer you a job.” Her voice was smooth but her eyes scanned me from top to bottom. The slight curling of her upper lip told me her opinion.


            “What kind of job.” At this she reached into her pocket pulling out a small envelope. She laid it on the desk in front of me.


            “I’m not allowed to talk about it. My boss wants to meet with you to give you the details. The time for the meet is in the envelope.”


            I stared at the envelope for a second before cautiously picking it up. I’d never had this happen, at least not when working for civilians. The Government was secretive but I’d come to expect that. I flipped up the flap of the envelope and pulled out the piece of paper inside. 


            Miss Russo, I know this may seem odd to you but I need help that only your special skills can provide. Money is no object. If you are interested meet me at the Restaurante Platzio off the corner of Main Street at 8:00 tomorrow night.


There was no signature at the bottom. I put the paper back into the envelope, dropping it onto my desk.


            “And if I decide not to go?” I asked the question deliberately. I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable with so much secrecy from the beginning.


            “He thought you might say that.” She reached into her pocked pulling out another envelope like the previous. “I was also told to give you this.” She handed this one to me and waited for me to open it. When I did I was stunned.


            I licked my lips. It was a blank check. If I wasn’t so anxious about the situation I would probably started doing a happy dance at the sight. Us government agent don’t make a lot of money and this was a fortune. (Depending on how many zeros I put on it.) At that moment I was thinking about adding A LOT of zeros.


I looked back at the woman sitting in front of me.


“Can I at least get a name?”


“Tristan Christiansen. So you will be there?” She seemed anxious that I agree to go to that meeting. It made me nervous.


“With bells on.” I said a little too cheerfully. You know what they say, if you can’t be happy then you better fake it.


I watched her stand and walk out the door all the while fingering the beautiful check. I wanted the money, but I wondered if I was going to regret getting involved in this mess.


I wish I’d listened to my subconscious.







© 2009 Surrealstorm

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Interesting. I agree on what Rima said but I would defiantly continue reading this book.

Posted 10 Years Ago

It is a nice read but a little short. I would add more character and background detail.
Nice job

Posted 13 Years Ago

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A Chapter by Surrealstorm