A Poem by Saint No-One

I just needed to post. Also due to recent circumstances... irony.



When I'm skating downhill,

I feel like I could close my eyes

And just let go.


I don't think I'm suicidal,

But my psychiatrist

Seems to think so.


I could shut them tight,

Till I hear nothing but the





Of my wheels on concrete,

The steady repetitious beat,

Like a lullaby.


So I open my eyes,

Just one second too late

To see the car racing down the street.


So I become a chalk line on tarmac,

A cranberry silhouette.


But I don't want to die.


Some days I just wonder what it feels like.


Like when you stand on the edge of a building,

Staring at the double breasted jacket,

Suit and tie ants below,


Start leaning closer to the edge real slow.

And think, if I jump will I fall or fly?


Have I been too good?

'cuz I'm too f*****g young to die!


For a second I think I'll do it,

S**t, maybe my shrink knew it...


So I jump, the car hits me,

Seconds later I smash,

Like a cannonball into the deck,

But I'm not making any waves.


Crows cackle in the distance,

So I open my eyes,

And light is streaming through the window.


© 2013 Saint No-One

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Very realistic. Everyone has what if thoughts, you aren't alone and perhaps not entirely crazy.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on November 19, 2013
Last Updated on November 19, 2013
Tags: crash, blood, suicide, dream, strange, ironic, twisted


Saint No-One
Saint No-One

Madera, CA

I am an artist, but my mind doesn't work the way I want it to. One day I'll be, washing myself with handsoap in a public bathroom, thinking how did I get here? Where the hell am I? more..

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A Poem by Saint No-One