Moon Princess

Moon Princess

A Story by Savannah

I suggest you zoom your web-browser in, because this is not reader friendly. This may only make sense to me, but most of my writing is that way I think. So.


I can see the moon in your eyes, reflecting off the water and radiating cool autumn nights. 
 Tell me, my dear, when did you age so beautifully? 
    Tell my, night goddess, when did you turn so lovely? 
Wash over me with your gaze, the one that pierced the midnight sky. Make me perfect the way you are, share your secrets, bare your soul. We'll stay up under your light all night, whispering odes in each other's ears. 
 Tell me, my satellite, doesn't that sound peaceful? 
     Tell me, distant rock, tell me all your dreams.
Dust flakes from your surface like tears from eyes, but why, why do you cry? You hold the world in your path, what more can one want?
 Tell me, miss perfection, what more can you need?
     Tell me, immortal light, is there something you lack?
You speak of love as if you know it, though I question if you do. Who could ever be worthy of you? Who could ever match your grandness? I can tell you're lonely, your deep craters tell of empty nights and fractured days, of endless orbiting with nothing to latch onto.
 Tell me, darling, would I be enough?
     Tell me, passionate angel, why did you choose such a life?
I can see you're fading, your light dimmed dramatically. Are you acting, or are you tired of it all? No one said it would be easy, no one said it would tough, but I'm telling you now, I'll take it all off of you.
 Tell me, princess, is it worth the glory?
    Tell me, my love, tell me where it hurts.
You're such a young girl, your ambitions are too big, but you're not to blame. You were told to be beautiful, you were told to act perfect. But there's no reason to try, no reason to act, end the play now. I beg you, my falling star, close the curtain before it's too late.

© 2011 Savannah

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Savannah I missed your writing. This is breathtaking and I don't know if I interpret it the way you intend the reader to, but I can't stop reading this over and over again. It's

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on August 19, 2011
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I'm Savannah. I recently cleaned out my profile, leaving behind the pieces that I don't feel ashamed to have written. Most of it is amateur at most, but I feel that some of it is relatively alright a.. more..

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