Not For Your Eyes To See

Not For Your Eyes To See

A Story by Mastermind

Read it, don't read it, whatever. I helped me get a lot off my chest.


I could not care less what you think about what I’m going to say.

        The soul is a lie. Uniqueness is a lie. Individuality is a lie. In fact, even the mothers are lying when they tell their children that they are special. There is no sympathy in this idea, there is no room for any, and the only space in it is the only one that should be in any philosophy: a sizable corner for doubt. These phrases are not meant to stab or hurt, only to uncover, to tear humanity to its barest, most naked form. Every thought that has ever entered you head, every action that your body has taken, even every emotion that you have ever felt in the deepest recesses of you heart has been performed by someone else before you even existed, before you were even dreamed about. Originality was killed in the first instant that the first man opened his eyes. The rest of mankind has become an assembly line, a mass of succeeding generations conditioned by the ones prior to it. The only thing any one of us has left is pure, untainted creativity, the ability to bring into this world a new passion and goal to achieve. You may disagree, saying that you have full control over your mental processes and that they cannot possibly be the same as anyone else’s. But here is where you are wrong and must stand corrected. Every piece of information that enters your mind is warped fully out of proportion into something that humanity has generated within you, a sort of fail-safe that blocks possibility for original thought.

        Oh, some consider themselves philosophers because they think their mind is of a higher breed, a more advanced race. They are respectfully the same kind of fools as those who pride themselves on ignorance. Both are of the same contemptible type: people who have let their own massive ego rule over their better judgement. After all, those with the most self-esteem are those who claim that they do not have any. They make themselves intentional martyrs, bleating like the sheep they are that they are sadly misunderstood. What they know, but won’t accept, is that society itself has ordained that they should hate society, and therefore they are more controlled than the rest of the masses. These are the sort of people who will fully accept or reject what I am putting into words. Both of these reactions are the most undesirable ones that I can imagine. You who accept blindly put your faith into nothing more than a human idea, guessing without understanding that it might be something profound and important. You who completely reject this idea are just as stupid as the preceding group in that you hate my words just as blindly as they love them. But those of you who question, simply are the ones in whom I put my faith.

        Passion for creativity is the only lifeline holding human existence from complete depravity. The ability to make something, to form it out of the basest resources into a working, efficient thing, this is the greatest achievement anyone can hope to reach. It is the only quality that separates us from any other object on earth, it defines us, gives us reality and eventually reason. Self-suffering is overrated and useless, it contributes nothing to you or your fellow man. Pure, innocent selfishness is the key, the drive that motivates each of us to create, to try, to do. Not wasting this ability is the best contribution to humanity there is. So, do not pretend that you are not controlled by the past and the expectation of the future. Use what you have, your true, natural resource that was given to you when you were first conceived, and never accept anything less than that which you have chosen to strive for.

© 2008 Mastermind

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Creation is the most selfishly satisfying thing I do. and that was before I read Ayn Rand. Dreaming of the next is also satisfying until I get around to it. I consider selfishness to be a virtue

Posted 11 Years Ago

Complex mastermind. I kinda don't know where to go with this, but feel compelled to comment.

You said, "Those who simply question are the ones I put my faith in"... so I guess you are encouraging us to question? That's good, I agree. But there are many things I do not question... one being that we have a soul. I think your main point is conveying a brain-washing, yes? I tried to keep an open-mind reading through, but perhaps you'd say that is not possible?

It seemed to have a negative the tone in the beginning, but you turned it around for me by the end..."use what you strive for."

Thanks for the RR! -:3 )~~~

Posted 11 Years Ago

The premies that things being done now have been done before leads most people to dispare and loneliness. If what you are saying is what you believe then there is no use to repeat it in a story due to the populas having already heard it. That being said the very act of writing is opsolite. I like the pharesing and the flow of the story. You've mastered the assumed task very well and for that matter I like this write. I do not know if you know the term "That's Irish to Me" or not but this story is a very close iondicator. It simple means going the long way around to prove your point. It is wordy. The gift for gab. Still it flows very well. Great write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

YAAAAAAH!!!!! MY GOD how you tell it like it is. My thoughts only differ from you in the fact that I love and appreciate the fact that we arn't true individuals.

Posted 11 Years Ago

wow, well on very many levels what you say is true. yet many people do not wish to believe these things. this is expressed very well and i truly hope it has helped you at a time when you needed it.^Thanks for sharing, mary

Posted 11 Years Ago

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