Something inside

Something inside

A Poem by Cara


I'm a people pleaser
I like to help 
I enjoy it when someone needs me
I'm energetic when I have a task
But people take advantage of that
and it harts when I realize it
and I can't change who I am
so my energy slowly fades 
and something inside me breaks

I'm an adaptor
I like the type of music the person in front of me likes
I enjoy the activates they enjoy 
I go to the places they like to go to
but they don't enjoy what I like
and when I'm doing something I like, I'm always alone
and it hurts, being called weird 
and I can't change who I am
so my personality slowly fades
and something inside me turns to ash

I'm a caregiver
I'm the type who'll listen and try to help
I'll share your tears, your joy, your pain
I'll keep a secret, I'll give you a shoulder to cry on
But I'm no open book and no one understands
that smiling all the time hurts, when you are hurting inside
that being needed and not wanted is amazing... until YOU need a shoulder to cry on
and it hurts when no one gives you that shoulder, so you push your feelings aside
"they don't know" you say... and you push your feelings aside
and I can't change who I am
so my feelings slowly gather
and something inside me drowns 

© 2021 Cara

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Added on December 3, 2021
Last Updated on December 3, 2021



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