Panacea of Life

Panacea of Life

A Poem by Aisha

Panacea of life, solution of existence. I found it. And I'm taking it.


miasma of the dark

sulfurous sounds of dripping plasma

whisper false encouragement






quickly falling, roughly rolling

in the dirt

 the soil

            the last of the last


listen, dreams: begone

away, away

to where you’ll thrive

no longer be in this murky underground

no longer see the cracks of dripping rubies

or caterwauls that ripped the yesternight.

be not aware

shut your eyes

to the cataclysm of the skies.


mists will drench you

stars enclose you

trapped beneath the glitzy gaze

what is left?

my dreams, alas!

begone I say

I say




crawling streams of dripping tears

tear a life apart

nothing left

no tomorrow

aflame with sheer delight.


let me know

where sparrows fly

or where they fall and die

you lissome dreams of mine.




away away they’ve gone

what is mine?


why linger here?


but omnipresent




my termination

my immolation

my panacea

of life.



© 2011 Aisha

Author's Note

Made this from a list of good words; it's meant to sound good as you read it in your head., Constructive criticism is always appreciated!

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This is very artistic and beautiful.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on July 3, 2011
Last Updated on July 3, 2011
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