Life of a Noble Gas

Life of a Noble Gas

A Poem by SherilAmilia


I can be found in the periodic table,

One who is often said to be 'noble'

I am not outstanding in any way,

But here is what I've got to say.


In my world, we call, people as elements,

The substances without other components.

While friends are known as mixtures to us,

And I can make mixtures without any fuss.


Soul mates, however, are called compounds,

That is the one thing I find too profound

For I, who's noble, can't seem to see,

How anyone deserves to be with one like me.


I am an element who is not reactive,

Which means I don't socialize - I'm guess I'm selective

And thus, this makes my life is horrific

Cause' I know I'll always be monoatomic.


Don't get me wrong, I am not to blame,

I am not responsible for my own shame.

I have weak inter-atomic forces of attraction

It's the main reason why I'm in this situation.


This simply means I lack the confidence,

So that makes it hard to gain acceptance.

Although they say I'm extremely stable,

Being a loner, it's absolutely unbearable.


Until the day that I can find,

An element that is willing to be mine,

I'll sit alone and pray for love,

To the one who's watching me up above.


So this, my friend, is how it feels,

And this just shows how much it kills,

To have to put up with this life's test,

But I guess this is the life of a noble gas.

© 2011 SherilAmilia

Author's Note

Lol, I know its werid, but well, its done just for fun (:
(omg, that rhymes too, haha)
On a side note:
Credits should be given when sharing this poem. Its a copyright issue. If caught, its really serious stuff.

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Love, Love, Love this. So clever....making people into the elements! I work in the industrial gases business. Which one are you...Helium, Nitrogen or Also, it's nice when you can know yourself that well...


Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on February 21, 2010
Last Updated on March 14, 2011
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