A Story by Joyrider

A serial killer plans to jailbreak, but the Jailor has some other plans for him



Malcolm was lying sleepless in his prison cell. He was visualizing his escape that he has been scheming in his mind for a while. He slowly caressed below the blanket that he was laying, when the key touched his hand he gave a satisfying smile. He thought "Tomorrow is the end of the lunar month and the beginning of my days of freedom."

"I don't belong here, I am a free animal. Yes, that's what I am. An animal that takes what he wants and wanders without a permanent home or destination. When satiated from one place, move to another. Ever since I was a full grown loner I have done things my heart desired and nobody stopped me until this imprisonment. Damn! It was such as small mistake that gave away my freedom. But I take it as a punishment for not being professional, I mean a professional ripper! Rippers leave behind the traces to identify him but not the clues to find him."

"I am a professional, didn't I perfectly planned and executed my six crimes, and it was such a thrill, the real pleasure came from leaving my trace and the police's incapability to get to me. How I was entertained when the newspapers celebrated my crimes and how I laughed when they blamed tardiness of the police"

"Oh! but the last one, the seventh one, Damn seven was such an unlucky number….." his train of thought was broken by sound of a pair of boots. The boots abruptly stopped at his cell. Malcolm turned to see who it was. It was a tall man, couldn't see the face for the darkness outside. But his eyes where shining with a different glare, and they were intentionally piercing into Malcolm's eyes. And Malcolm enjoyed the sight. He asked "what's the matter Jailor Angus? Are you still finding it hard to sleep?” Angus smirked and walked away.

Angus walked with hasty steps. He thought "that B*****d, that filthy animal, he still thinks he is smart". On reaching his cabin he threw his hat on the table and fell to his chair. Light up a cigar and started giving of clouds of smoke. The deputy came in and was waving away the smell. "Going up in smoke Mr. Angus?” Angus didn't mind replying it. "All set deputy?" Deputy replied - "Everything is ready, just waiting for the moment".

There was silence for a while. Deputy with a calm voice asked "are you sure Mr. Angus, you really want to do this? Shouldn't you give it one more thought?" Angus voice was heavier "one more thought. I have done a million; every thought just fed the fire in me. Don't you know what that animal has done to my daughter? My seventeen year old angel. He tore up my doll"

Deputy "but Mr. Angus, the law has punished him, for what he has done"

"for what he has done? If you had seen the body of my daughter lying on the floor drenched with blood, you wouldn't say this. The punishment hardly fits the crime. Only a lifetime imprisonment for raping, killing and then mutilating the body of seven innocent girls? He must be made to stand against the wall and shot by guns all over his body. And that's exactly what I am going to do tomorrow. "

His last words came out as a shout. He was on his feet now, leaning on the table, with both his hands on it. Face pointing downwards, but eyes staring nowhere. It was red and brimmed with tears. Lips were drawn back showing off his clenchedteeth.

Deputy "Relax Mr. Angus, please sit down". Angus sat down slowly. He was silent for a while and then he spoke "tomorrow….tomorrow, I shall have his blood but the news paper headline will be PRISONER SHOT DEAD WHILE TRYING TO ESCAPE

Deputy "everything is set, we have passed the key for the cell to him through one of our guards. He believes he has got it by deceiving us" Angus smirked "tomorrow he shall try to escape in the darkness of the night, but we should be ready with all our spotlight and extra flood lights. I want everyone on duty tomorrow. We shall open fire; I don't want to spare any part of his body. I want fill his body with metal."

Deputy - "we have ordered extra flood lights; all guards will be on duty, there will be twenty guards near the fence wall"

Next night, time 11:30 PM

Malcolm was lying sleepless in his prison cell. He was visualizing his escape that he has been scheming. He looked at his cell mate. Young was in sound sleep. Malcolm thought "the rat has the habit of early to bed and early to rise, and it has aptly made him ignorant."

Meanwhile all guards were waiting in the darkness. Angus was smoking heavily in his office. Deputy came in "its time"

Angus "but I can't wait"

"Patienceis a virtue Mr. Angus, as per our plan he will be driven by the guards to the front fence wall, where he will be open fired"

Angus "and tomorrow's headlines will be,PRISONER SHOT WHILE TRYING TO ESCAPE"

Near the cell of Malcolm a metal clanking was heard. Angus said to the radio "on your positions now"

Two guards were hiding behind the tree right in front of the cell. They looked into the cell, there was no movement. The lock was opened, the sound was clear but the door was still closed. Moments passed by still no movements. After 10 minutes, finally the door opened bit by bit. It was too dark. The guards stared right through the darkness; they saw 2 feet coming out. The feet came out of the cell and started moving towards the left. The guards looked at each other; one of them took his radio and whispered "sir he is moving in the wrong direction" the reply came from deputy "then fire to divert. Remember no bullets should touch him until he reaches the fence"

"Yes, sir!"

The guard aimed and fired. The bullet passed right infront of his Leg, was intended to make him turnaround, but instead he started running in the same direction. On the radio the guard shouted "we are losing him now" "I want him infront of the fence in two minutes, all guards at him now, turn on the spot lights and flood lights now".

The lights went on one by one. Now, the entire jail was light up like the daylight. Guards were chasing the fugitive. But he was not running according to their plan. Guards fired haphazardly, carefully aiming away from him, but he was not changing his direction. The deputy has started to feel, that he has done a mistake by letting the prisoner out.

Suddenly the deputy saw a car from nowhere rushing towards Malcolm. It's Angus's car. "Thank God!" said the deputy. He spoke to the radio "Malcolm has stopped infront of the car, now it your turn, divert him to the right and he will be heading towards the trap. I don't want any more drama tonight, let's finish it now."

The guards shot to the left of him. This time he took the bait, he changed his direction and started running towards the right. Guards continued their fire. "stop!" the cry was from Angus. Deputy spoke to the radio "Angus is worried about hitting the prisoner; remember no shots on him until he reaches the fence. He will be near the front fence in ten seconds"

In front of the fence were twenty guards armed with their guns ready. Waiting for their orders. Angus jumped out of his car and started running with his gun in the hand. "What’s wrong with this old man, I think he has gone berserk, in his pursuit of vengeance". Deputy whispered to himself "yes!" then he brought the radio near his mouth and said "he was in the trap now, open fire!"

A chaos of gun shots followed for next one minute. By now all the prisoners had woke up. Deputy dashed towards the front fence. When he reached there the firing had stopped. The air was filled with smoke. It had the smell of gun powder. Through the smoke, Deputy saw the body lying, on its face,motionless on the ground. He ordered "bring him here"

The guards brought the body, deputy took his hat off and said "so long mister………." He was shocked to see the dead man, for it was not Malcolm "its Young! What the hell".

"Idiots" a shout came from behind. It was Angus. He shouted “I told you to stop, I saw his face in my car's head light and I warned you to stop firing." Deputy screamed "Damn, if this is Young then where the hell is Malcolm?"

Everybody then ran back to the Malcolm's cell. It was empty. Deputy went inside and he came out with a piece of paper. He handed over to Angus. It read.

Dear Angus,

Thank you for the plan. I owe you for my freedom. While every guard was chasing poor Young to the front fence, I have made my way out through the back fence. It was unguarded.

I will change my ways. No I will not stop being an animal, I will continue my profession in a new style, so that you will know it's me, but you cannot catch me. You will know about it from the newspapers.

Once again thanking you,

Yours professionally,

Malcolm, the Ripper.

Angus stood there like a stone with fire in his eyes and he yelled "B*****D…………"

© 2013 Joyrider

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Shiggy, I have to agree with rover on this one, good story that could do with a few more reads to perfect it. Nice work.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I like the twist at the end. Good amount of action and not overly dramatic.

Posted 7 Years Ago

wow, but i want him dead, no more killings.

you have done nice writing here, though, no doubt about it.

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


7 Years Ago

Hold on prrity I am working on the third and final part of this series. Once again thanks for readin.. read more

7 Years Ago

you are welcome

ok, do tell me, i want some girl to kill him back or some animal along .. read more
I agree with Marion, you're style is dramatic and the style is like reading a script. Great action. Love the second paragraph where you describe that he's a "ripper." Keep up the good work!

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


7 Years Ago

Thanks for the review. I am newbie. You're review encourages me. You can also give me some writing t.. read more
interesting, dramatic peice. its very much a drama scene in my mind.

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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