The Adventure of Mystic Silverflame; Curious Drakeling

The Adventure of Mystic Silverflame; Curious Drakeling

A Story by Aurora Silverheart

Chapter 1: To Earth
Mystic crept to the edge of the outcropping where the clouds blocked all view of the world below. Earth, it was called. Her mind slipped away into her frequent daydreams that got her into so much trouble.
"Mystic! Where are you?!" said Aralia Skydancer in Drakine. Swift as shadow, Mystic Silverflame darted away from the drop to where her adoptive mother was calling.
"Here mother!" Mystic chirruped stopping abruptly in front of the leading female of the Eastern Lunarsong Colony.
"Where have you been? Everyone was looking for you! Back to the Hatchling Cave for you, dear."  The ancient but loving dragonelle nudged Mystic towards the Hatchling Cave. Reluctantly, Mystic went to the cave where all the other hatchlings were waiting.
"Mystic! Where did you go this time?!" called Mistsinger Auragaze, a close friend to Mystic. "Just to the edge of Dragon Isle." Mystic told the other hatchlings. "Wow! All the way over there?!" gasped a black hatchling named Ebony Valkyre. The hatchlings crowded closer. "Don't tell the other dragons the secret!" said Mystic twitching her tail excitedly.
Just then, an adult dragon came in carrying half a carcass of a Nespur, which was a big hairy animal looking somewhat like a wildebeast except for the single large horn growing from it's head. The hatchlings quickly forgot about Mystic's adventure and scurried over to get the best meat first. The carcass was quickly devoured by the hungry hatchlings who hadn't had much to eat that past winter. The Nespur was a sign of more prey and an early spring.
"Why did you go to the Edge?" asked Mistsinger quietly so the others wouldn't hear.
Mystic shrugged and said "I want to go down there sometime..." with a dreamy look in her golden eyes. "You can't go down there!!!" Mistsinger gasped surprised at the thought, "there are all sorts of things that are just waiting to kill a hatchling!!! Remember Grayscale? He came back from Earth with big scratches and nearly died!!" Mystic knew that Mistsinger and all the other hatchlings would never understand her longing to go to Earth, in fact even Mystic didn't exactly knew why she wanted to go down there.

Chapter 2: Presence Unknown
    'The D flat wouldn't sound good with a C,' Athien pondered silently, looking over the sheet music in his hand. 'So maybe a B would sound better? The chorus line has too many A notes, so I'll have to do a little fixing of that.' He nodded to himself. 'That sounds good.' The teen retreated from his thoughts.
    "-ien! Athien! Are you asleep or-"
    "I'm awake," the elf replied. "And while you're at it, get your bloody hand off of my neck!" His friend, a blond mage with a mischivous twinkle in his eye, grinned.
    "No," he replied. "Your British accent is TOO AWESOME!" Athien frowned.
    "You're such a pain in the arse!" he cried, thoroughly exasperated. "Ella, get Marien off of me please!" A blonde girl, sister of Marien, pulled him off the smaller boy. "Ta," he said, relieved that the weight was off of him. He watched with a smile as Ella reprimanded Marien, adding in some of his own words. Suddenly, in the middle of a sentence, he froze. He collapsed to the ground, clutching his head. "Athien!" the siblings cried, rushing to his side. He felt himself being lifted up and carried away, before he sank into complete darkness...
    Athien groaned as he sat up, shaking the sleep from his mind. "Oh," Mary, who was the school nurse, exclaimed, "you're awake Athien!" He nodded, regretting it moment later. "I also believe that you are part dragon," she said, causing him to freeze. "Now why wasn't that on your record?" He laughed nervously. "Well-"
    "You idiot!" Mary cried. "Your loss of consiousness was a result of a strong drakine aura that approached the barrier! Does it happen often?" The boy nodded, speechless at the woman's outburst. "Why haven't you told me?" she sobbed. "Ever since the day I found you lying near the barrier, you've kept on lying to me, keeping important secrets from me! Why don't you tell me when this kind of thing happens? I'm supposed to be your mother figure! And how am I supposed to take care of you when you won't even tell me what you are?" She broke down sobbing on his shoulder. Athien hugged her.
    "I'm sorry Mary," he said. "You've been so kind to me, and I've only been able to lie. But if keeping you in the dark is the only way to ensure your safety, I'm willing to do it." He offered a smile. "Besides, it usually only occurs at night. This was the first time it's happened in the day." He looked out the window towards the portal. "It's like a magical force is near the gate..."

Chapter 3: Over the Edge
The next day dawned bright and warm. In the early morning light, most of the dragons of the East Lunarsong Colony was basking in the sunlight. Mystic peeked out of the Hatchling Cave. She sniffed the crisp, morning air. A second snout popped out from the cave, Mistsinger. The young dragons crept stealthily past the older dragons who were dozing lightly. They were planning on going to the edge of Dragon Isle again. Both hatchlings were quiet and sneaky and in no time, they were at the edge again. Mistsinger peeked over the edge.
"Whoa! It's a long fall! I wonder what's behind the clouds?" Mystic grinned a dragon grin, finally someone was as curious as she was. "We should tell ALL the hatchlings!!!" said Mistsinger excitedly.
"NO! It's just between us where the edge is. I don't even think the elder dragons know!" snapped Mystic back.
"Okay, okay. I won't tell anyone." Suddenly, a Snarrlgla appeared directly in front of the pair. A Snarrlgla is about the size of a medium dog but has a poisonous stinger at the end of it's long furred tail. It's bite is very strong and when they travel in packs of 10-25 Snarrglas, they can take down a dragon. But fortuantely this one was alone. It advancedsnarling it's unique snarl that sounded like it was too loud for such a small animal. The hatchlings backed up frightened...right over the Edge. The shrill shriek alerted the elder dragons way too late.

Chapter 4: Guardian
Athien frowned as he felt a force tug him towards the barrier again. The difference was that this time the force didn't knock him out. Seizing the oppertunity, he rushed towards the gate. A slightly wavering point hung in the air, only visible to dragons. He stepped near it, sinking through the magical door.
On the other side, he saw a Snarrlgla approaching two draklings. One was a silvery colour and small. The other was a pale blue colour, average sized. Suddenly, the edge they stood on crumbled, causing them to tumble down the edge. The hybrid felt a thrumming in his soul, finally realizing what he needed to do. He first thought about transforming into a dragon, but then decided it would take to long and he wasn't strong enough anyways. Athien settled with sprouting white dragon wings from his back. His wings were unique to his breed - a normal wing with feathers on the joints. Several dragons gasped as a white bullet divebombed down into the ravine. A few seconds later, the elf rose up in the air, holding the two unconsious dragonelles. He ran to the medical dragon, dropping them in his care before sitting down against a nearby tree.
After a couple hours, Mistsinger woke up and told the adults everything. But even after a day, Mystic refused to wake. Athien went to see her, kneeling next to her. He then remembered what one of the dragons said. Something about her being a Draco luminous melodic. The boy thought back to his colony days. His mother had once taught him a song for the flute called "Mangetsu no Senritsu", or Full Moon Song. It was worth a try. The medical dragon and other visitors looked at him strangely when he took out his wooden flute. He placed it to his lips and reached into his heart to find the soothing melody. The only way to describe the song was like wind whistling though the grass, like ripples on calm water. Just listening to the song could make you imagine a wildfire blazing though the forest or many snowflakes, each with a unique design, falling from the heavens. When the song came the a close, all the dragons in the cave held their breath, waiting to see whether the song worked or not.

Chapter 5: Awakening and Promise
Slowly, the silvery dragon began to wake. The dragons watching silently released their breaths in a sigh of relief. Then the medical dragon hurried over. "Mystic! You're awake!" She went to collect some water. "Thank you Athien. For waking Mystic, she is very dear to me." Aralia said gratefully. Mystic got shakily to her feet, blinking big gold eyes curiously at Athien. "Who are you?" she asked, sniffing him with her delicate nose. "I'm Athien young hatchling. I come from Earth." replied the elf-dragon. Then Athien began to tell Mystic what happened. When he finished, the medic dragon came in with a leaf full of clear spring water from the waterfall west of the dragon camp. Mystic drank thankfully.
"So you can turn into a dragon and an elf? That's pretty cool!" she said full of energy again. "Take me to Earth with you!" Mystic pleaded. "I don't think your colony will let you go to Earth; it's a dangerous place, especially for a dragon." said Athien. "But--" Mystic was cut off by Aralia's sharp tone. "That's enough Mystic, don't annoy the dragon that saved you." Mystic huffed, annoyed. "I will get to Earth one day." she promised herself.

Chapter 6: A Loophole
Athien gazed at the small dragon for a second, thinking of the possible options. "Little one," he whispered, so the sleeping medic dragon would not wake up, "do you really wish with all your heart to go to earth?" Mystic's eyes were wide as she nodded her head up and down eagerly. "Very well then," the elf sighed. "I cannot deny your request. But, I must warn you, Earth is a dangerous place. Once you leave this place, you will not be able to come back until you are an adult dragon." He picked the drakling up and out into an empty clearing. Athien quickly morphed into his full dragon form, becoming a small, pure white adolescent dragon. He bowed down low, nose touching the hatching's collarbone and neck touching her paw. "I, Athien Shiftwing, son of Liam Shiftwing and Vientre Silverwood, bind myself to the royal blooded Mystic Silverflame. I pledge my eternal loyalty to you." When the incantation was complete, a bright flash of light surrounded the two dragons. An intricate silver seal bloomed on the right side of Athien's neck, barely visable against the silvery-white scales, while a small silver flame appeared on Mystic's collarbone, also hard to spot. "Get on my back, my mistress!" the older dragon called. The light blue drakling climbed onto his back, confused. He took off quickly, zipping through the gate. The journey ahead would be a rough one, but many allies and friends would be made along the way to help them along the way. So, are you ready for this?

Chapter 7: Curiosity and Knowledge
The wind rushed past Mystic who reacted by flattening herself against the older dragon. It was really kind of awkward riding another dragon. "We are coming to a spot where I can get through to Earth. Hold on tight!" Athien tucked in his wings as though going through a narrow crevice. The air around them contracted and Mystic Silverflame let out a small gasp of surprise. She shut her golden eyes tight against the wind. A few seconds later and the air returned to normal. Mystic gazed around in wonder. Below her was green land as far as she could see.
I wish Mistsinger could see this! thought Mystic excitedly. She was finally here, the place she had dreamed about so many times when she was supposed to be asleep. The emerald carpet of trees streaked past and Mystic now viewed patches of square earth in various shades of brown and green.
"What are those funny squares on the ground?" Mystic asked curiously.
Athien smiled inwardly. Such a curious young drakling. "Those are farmer's fields. Humans plant crops on them. There is much for you to learn here on Earth."
"I'll learn everything there is to know!" chirruped Mystic excitedly. She couldn't wait.

© 2010 Aurora Silverheart

Author's Note

Aurora Silverheart
I'm too lazy to put all the chapters out separately when they're so short... This was a rp with a friend of mine. It's not finished yet so if you want to get the whole story, keep waiting a bit more! Check back often!

Btw, the picture for this is not my lineart. I did color it though! It's supposed to be a picture of Mystic! My little dwagon...

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