Mind Games.

Mind Games.

A Poem by Simran Kewlani

The corners of the sheet were torn,
Vigorous writing was still going on.
The pain began to vanish,
Soon turning into happiness.

The scrawny font difficult to read,
Her mind whispered to the heart to pay no heed.
Thoughts running through her mind all jumbled,
A quiet whisper of the paper tearing echoed bringing it to an end.

She sat there staring at her thoughts laden paper; now torn,
Closing her eyes, she concentrated on her rambling mind.
When it did stop, she was practically numb,
Her mind then whispered almost wickedly, "The game is still on."

-Simran Kewlani.
31th December, 2015.

© 2016 Simran Kewlani

Author's Note

Simran Kewlani
Criticize if required.

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There is a never say die message that roars from this poem... such a great attitude to have. A very inspiring poem.

Posted 5 Years Ago

the mind can be a raging tiger unable to tame ...as our thoughts refuse to come under our command or to quiet themselves (such a conundrum eh!? words to quiet themselves ;) i am intrigued with your opening line ..lawyers can only argue the "four corners" of a document in court ... being torn gives me an instant picture in my mind ... it can be so frustrating when inspirations strike ...they can be so fleeting and if not put down on paper right away ..they are simply gone ..no matter how hard i try to be sure to remember ..i rarely do .. very relatable poem if you ask me

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on April 20, 2016
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Simran Kewlani
Simran Kewlani

Mumbai, India

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