I hate you...still.

I hate you...still.

A Poem by jamykinns

I hate that I love you. Just like the song...I hate u I love u gnash. Deep truth💜

I hate the way you used to make me breathe.
I hate the memories you implanted in me.

I hate the image of you i can't erase.
I hate the country roads an that forbidden place.

I hate that you left me to figure it all out on my own.
I hate that you just walked away an left "us" unknown.

I hate the way my heart won't let go...
Of the person I used to know.

I hate that things still bring you to mind.
I hate that your face is all I want to find.

I hate that I want to kiss you one last first time.
I hate that I'm making this rhyme.

I hate the way you touched my soul.
An the way you made my heart feel whole.

I hate that your still in my head.
I hate that I need to see you before im dead.

I hate the pain you left for me the day you walked away.
I hate that I couldn't make you stay.

I hate you for letting it happen like this.
I hate that your smile I will forever miss.

I hate that I love you...


© 2016 jamykinns

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Hate is such a strong word. For you to just throw it around like this and make it into something that touches the heart is impressive.

Even though pretty much all of your writhing is about relationships of some sort, you definitely have range in all you do. Every poem stands out in its own way.

I don't know about the song you mentioned in your notes (I don't listen to that kind of stuff), but what you're saying is definitely real and something I think most people can relate to. The difference, I think, is that you have the nerve to admit it, and it feels empowering just reading it. The difference between love and hate sometimes seems so hard to distinguish, I honestly don't believe in it anymore (aside from that between parent and child, which I think is the only lasting bond there is).

Good job, I really like it.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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