A Story by snapjack

As Nina and Cameron gets captured by the enemy, Nina gets put into a glass cell that appears to be walls from the inside. Cameron has to fight, but as the water rises in her cell, will he be too late?


Cameron watched helplessly only separated by the thick glass that could words could not penetrate. She was standing with her back towards him in the middle of the small room, hugging herself with her arms. She looked behind her as if she sensed that he was there, her green eyes searching. The two men that were holding Cameron remained motionless as they stared ahead. Cameron’s breathing quickened, puffing white clouds of air from the dark, cold room that he stood in.

“Let her go. You can have me, just let her go!” He shouted at Jason, who looked back at him smirking with his fingers intertwined behind his back in black gloves that matched his heavy trench coat. Jason turned completely around as he looked at Cameron with an expression that showed accomplishment.

“You know, I don’t think I will,” Jason replied, looking down at the floor as he came face to face with Cameron. Jason looked at Cameron’s eyes as if provoking him. Jason turned back around to look back at Nina, who had curled up in the fetal position in the far corner, unsure of where they were watching her through, what she saw as, white walls. All that was in her small room was a dampened pillow from where water poured from the four walls. It made him want to protect her even more. “She’s kind of beautiful when she's wet, isn’t she?”

Cameron lunged for Jason and the men who had their hands on his arms jerked him back. Another man grabbed Cameron from behind, holding his throat. “You son of a b***h!” Cameron growled, emphasizing the word “b***h”.

“Yeah, I know,” Jason turned to look back at Cameron, who was gritting his teeth. Jason grunted a laugh and looked at the men holding Cameron. “Take him back, it’s time for her bath,” Jason replied nodding at them and flicked his pointer finger lazily at a dark haired man who was next to a row of switches. The dark haired man began twisting knobs and hitting the switches and water began pouring out of the walls in Nina’s room with a loud clash of bangs from the metal pipes. Her already damp clothes clung to her as she began to cry, putting her head on her knees.

“NO!” Cameron yelled as the men dragged him away. The man from behind Cameron tightened his grip on Cameron’s throat. Cameron fought and kicked, trying to yell, but the men’s abilities made them stronger than his four-day, starved body. He didn't want to use the energy he had been storing, anyway. He needed enough to fight the demons and just a little more energy would do the trick. The men threw Cameron into the cell and slammed the door behind them, locking the bolts which echoed through the small, dark room. Cameron panted, catching up with his breath as his eyes quickly adjusted to the rooms’ darkness.

“F**k!” He screamed and pounded his fist on the hard metal floor. His bare chest was beginning to heal itself from the punches the men had inflicted on him. Cameron pushed himself up and walked to the door. He could feel his pupils trying to make the contact with the door to will it open, but like before it didn’t work. Cameron’s pants made a ruffling noise that echoed off of the slick metal walls, his bare feet padding against the metal as he moved.

When Cameron still couldn’t find a way to get out, he sat down in a corner and leaned his head back with his arms on his knees. His brown hair fell from his face with gravity. He closed his eyes and began planning.

------------       ------------


Nina stood in the center of the room with her arms around her, trying to keep herself warm. Her clothes were still damp and her wavy, blonde hair stuck to the sides of her face. She closed her eyes and concentrated, opening herself up, again, to anything that could be beyond those walls. They had made the white walls tough against searching, but she kept trying, trying to find a loophole to find him. Nina almost gave up when a small, barely noticeable spark touched her mind and vanished. She took a breath and knew it was him. Nina turned around slowly to look over her shoulder, trying to find him. She sucked in another breath and exhaled. She thought she could see her breath, but didn't want to make sure.

Nina walked forward, slowly turned around, and slid down the wall and wrapped her arms around her knees. She put her head in the crevasse that her knees made and furrowed her eyebrows together, thinking of ways to escape an inescapable room.

It could be worse, she thought to herself. Instead of me, it could have been Cameron in here. Her attempt to comfort herself failed. How had she gotten captured when they had been so careful? The vampires lurked outside of those walls, watching her every move, trying to listen to her thoughts if she wasn’t careful. They tried to distract her by pouring water into the room, as she nearly suffocated each time, but she made sure to keep strong. Dying wouldn’t be as bad as them getting into her head.

Nina shivered with the thought of what they would do to her. She looked around the room to find an opening where the vampires hid the doors, but there were no cracks. Every time they came into her room, she was delirious with drugs that fogged her memory. She had traced her fingers along every wall to find it, but came up with the same answer that seemed to be everywhere in the room. Nothing. They provided her with a pillow that she never touched, only because it reeked of their stench and their water-proof drugs that would search through her mind while she slept.

Suddenly, a large Clank! Interrupted her thoughts and soon after water began spewing out from the walls. Nina’s heart began pumping harder as she began crying with anger. She put her face on her knees. It didn’t take long for the freezing water to come up to her ankles. Nina got up and walked to where she thought the vampires were. She didn’t think Cameron there anymore. Her breathing quickened as the water poured out of a hole near her. She had put the pillow up against one of the holes, but the pillow had been designed to let water pour out of it easily. Nina picked up the pillow, ever so gently, and threw it at one of the walls with an angry yell.

“Let me out of here!” Nina yelled and walked angrily to the wall that the pillow hit. She started pounding her fists on the wall and throwing curses at them. She turned around and put her back against the wall, facing the rest of the room.

I can't take this, Nina thought to herself. The water was getting up to her knees as she sloshed around. The pillow stayed at the bottom of the floor, occasionally moving with the ripples. Nina looked up at the ceiling, the same clean, white color as the rest of the room. Water from one of the walls splashed on her and she staggered back. The water echoed through the room, making it hard to think.

“Help me,” She muttered, closing her eyes.


------------       ------------


Cameron drifted into sleep after figuring up a plan to get Nina. His dreams came only seconds after he closed his eyes, back still against the corner. Nina stood in a garden with an off white dress on that flowed down to the ground covering her feet. The sleeves of the dress were sheer and hung loosely off of her shoulders. She had her back to him.

“Nina,” Cameron muttered. He walked towards her. She looked over her back at him. She whispered something that Cameron didn't hear.

“What is it, beautiful?” Cameron asked, only a few feet from her.

“Help me,” She replied, her face turning sad. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she fainted. The garden began to shake. As soon as Nina almost hit the ground, the ground disappeared, taking Nina with it.

“Nina!” Cameron yelled, running after her into the black pit that she fell in. The world began caving in until Cameron was in complete darkness. The ground came and hit Cameron in the face. Water rushed in and began to get higher. Cameron looked around desperately, trying to find Nina, until he spotted her. He sloshed over to her as the water rose higher. Her face was underwater as she floated. Cameron grabbed her around the waist and turned her over. She was dead.



Cameron woke up gasping, his heart in his throat. He took a deep breath to relax himself. He cursed under his breath. Cameron closed his eyes and tried to reach out to her.

Tell me you’re okay, He thought, trying to filter out anyone else who could be listening and would interfere. Please.

No answer came.

Cameron continued to wait.

It seemed like several minutes passed by.

The door slammed open, almost surprising Cameron. Two large men came in, each dressed in black to disguise themselves with the dark corridors. Cameron prepared himself. When the men came to lazily grab his arms, Cameron gathered the rest of his strength that he had been gathering for the past three days and bolted for the door. He slid gracefully past the men, leaving them with surprised faces as he fastened the bolts back as fast as he could.

“Surprised, huh?” Cameron muttered under his breath, snorted and turned to look around. The room was sound proof against their banging and yells. Cameron’s pupils were already prepared for the darkness of the hallway. Cameron stepped lightly as he moved through the hallway, carefully watching for movement. The hallway was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. He passed rows of cell doors, all looking the same except for a sloppily painted number on some, indicating the "expiration date" on the humans that were in them. Cameron thought about rescuing them like the original plan, but figured scared, starved humans were the last thing he needed while trying to ambush vampires.

Cameron reached the end of the hallway that led to three different hallways and looked behind him. He didn’t see anything and looked forward, again. Cameron closed his eyes and searched out, trying to find her. He couldn’t find her.

I’m trying, Nina, Cameron thought out, hoping she might hear him somehow.

------------       ------------


The water had risen almost to the top of the room, making Nina gasp for air as her head bobbled close to the ceiling. She managed to kick, trying to keep afloat. She tried to calm herself down so she would be able to relax in the water and not fight it, to float on her back, but it was useless. Her heart was pounding hard in her chest and her hands were numb and shaking. Nina was still able to keep them out of her head, but they almost succeeded every time the water came to drown her.

Nina fought as her clothes tried to drag her down. The first time the water had came into her room, she had been screaming for Cameron. Now, it seemed useless, the spells kept on the walls of the building kept Cameron and her from being able to use their abilities to communicate. Her powers were only two or three years old while his had been with him since he was born.

“Damn it!” Nina cried out, frustration flowing through her. The water only left a few more inches to breathe. She tried to fight her body’s will to survive with air to keep as much oxygen in those few feet as possible. Nina breathed in and out slowly, closing her eyes. She breathed in and held it there to let her body absorb the oxygen and let it out. The water rose up to only allow her to perk her lips out to get air. She sucked in as much air as she could and then the water was up to the ceiling.

Nina closed her eyes as her arms floated up around her, her hair floating around her. She squeezed her eyes as the feeling of suffocating was already happening. Nina willed herself to calm down. She realized she had closed her fingers to make a fist. She let them relax and lifted her head towards the ceiling. She kept herself calm by counting the seconds.

One…two…three…four….five…She thought to herself.

Cameron, she could almost feel him trying to reach out to her, just a small spark that was trying hard to touch her conscience, but she couldn’t touch his while still holding her breath and keeping them from reading her thoughts.

After a long minute Nina felt her body crave for air. Her body lurched and she opened her mouth a little and smacked it shut. Her eyes burst open and shut.

Calm down. Please…Calm down, Nina, she thought to herself. She let the water rest in her mouth, too worried about what would happen if she did swallow.

------------       ------------


Cameron walked down the hallway that they had dragged him down for the past four days, finally realizing where he was. He let his pupils take in everything around him. There were light footsteps just ahead of him. Cameron stepped back, pressed himself against the wall and listened.

”…fully submerged. I don’t know what he’s got planned, d’you?” It was a man’s voice.

“Haven’t got a clue,” said another man. Then the footsteps stopped. They started whispering, just loud enough for them and not letting it echo. Cameron tried to see how far off they were, but couldn’t tell due to the curves of the halls. Cameron looked back the way he came. He looked forward again and then carefully stepped backwards, then turned and walked back the way he came, not making a sound. He needed a weapon, quickly. He began to doubt himself, but then he thought of Nina.

He came out at an intersection that he had passed through earlier. The path that was straight ahead had lumps of something at the far end. The hallway on his left had more cells. On his right was the way he had come. Cameron walked straight to the piles. When he reached them, there were heaps of metal scraps. Since the building was underground and still new, they must have been putting the shards of metal here to reuse them later. Cameron picked up a metal bar and flipped it in the air once, catching it. He put it through a belt loop while he continued to search for others. He quietly picked through quietly to find another weapon for a "just in case". He found a small, pointed, flat sheet of metal just big enough to hold in his hand. He put it in his pocket and left the pile, happily.

He walked back to the intersection, furrowing his eye brows. His ears listened intently for any sounds of movement. Vampires could be deadly silent if they felt threatened in any way.


Cameron heard a giant commotion down the hallway where the rest of the cells were on his right. A girl came running blindly through the hallway. She was a human and looked around her twenties. She frantically held her hands out with her eyes wide and searching through the pitch black of the hallways. Unlike him, she couldn't see through the darkness of the hallways with her human eyes, or at least Cameron thought she was human. Before Cameron had time to catch her, she ran into him. She fell down on the ground and began screaming. Cameron tried to grab for her mouth, but she was up and running, making Cameron grab air. She almost hit the wall until she felt the hallway where the vampires were and hauled down it.

Cameron tried to chase after her, shushing her, but she continued to scream and run. Her echoing was sure to wake the dead. Cameron heard the hiss of the vampires ahead. Cameron tried to reach her, but she was frightened which made her run faster. As soon as she rounded the corner Cameron heard her screams get louder and suddenly stop. Cameron gritted his teeth and pulled the bar from his jeans and pulled out the sharp tipped metal. He slowly edged to the curved corner and looked out at the scene. Cameron sucked in a breath, preparing himself for battle.

The vampires were kneeling with their backs to him, sucking her dry. Cameron put his back against the wall and took a deep breath. He slowly walked out from his hiding place. They would be too caught up in her that they wouldn’t smell him even if they tried. Cameron slowly made his way to them and drew the pole back. He quickly smacked the vampire in the head, which dropped down. The other vampire raised his head with inhuman speed at Cameron and hissed getting ready to leap. Cameron swung the pole and almost smacked its head with it until the vampire was up and caught it. Its movement was slower than usual since it had just drank blood.

Cameron took his other hand, holding the sharp metal, and swung it at the vampires’ neck. The vampire’s eyes widened as black blood spurted from the wound. It tried to make a noise, but nothing came out. It let go of the pole and fell on the floor. Cameron used the pole and beat the vampires’ neck until he heard a nasty crunching sound. Cameron walked over to the other vampire and did the same thing. If you have time, make sure you kill it well. Many humans thought only wood killed vampires, which of course wood did kill vampires, but anything can kill a vampire. Just like any other creature. Cameron looked down at the girl. He knelt down and listened for a moving soul in her body. Instead he heard silence. She was dead.

Cameron sighed warily and stood up. He kept the metal pieces in his hands instead of back in his jeans. He stepped over the puddles of blood and continued his path a little faster, trying to make up for lost time. He walked gracefully down the hallway until he reached another intersection, except this time there was only two hallways. Cameron looked down the one on his left and couldn’t see anything of interest. He went down the right hallway and stopped to listen. He could faintly hear whispers. He stepped a little closer, watching his footing. He could make out a woman’s voice and a man’s, but could only hear a few words.

“…His…fantastic….wish….could….keep him…” The woman muttered.

“…over….self,” the man replied. The voices were getting louder. Cameron went back to the two hallways and pressed his back against the hallway he didn’t choose, waiting for their approach. He could hear them stepping a little more lightly than the other vampires.

“…great would it be if…could?” She asked. The voice was set in a high pitched tone.

“Maybe for you. I like the other one. She seems more…” The man’s voice paused. “Do you smell that?” The woman made a squeal of delight. Then there was silence. Cameron knew they were running to find the smell of blood. If they ran to find it, they would catch his smell. Cameron closed his hand harder over the metal pole. Suddenly they were at the intersection with their sides to him. Cameron knew they smelled him by the way they were looking around, unsure.

They walked down the hallway a little and the woman looked around for Cameron's scent. At the right time, Cameron quickly stepped out and smacked the man in the head with the pole. The woman was quick and grabbed the pole from his hands. The man made a dull thud as he hit the floor, groaning. The woman began circling Cameron, making the annoying hissing sound as her fangs extended. Cameron let his inhuman fangs sprout out from his mouth as well, they just weren't vampire poisoned as hers would have been. She leapt at him with incredible speed, aiming for his chest and Cameron watched her moves, matching them with his. He blocked her arms as they fell on the ground, she was on top of him. She raised the bar as if to hit him. Cameron pulled the sharp metal and jabbed her under the arm near her side with the metal plate. She screamed in agony as the metal plate was halfway in her side. Her body started trembling. Cameron drew it out and she hissed, snarling. She brought the pole down, but Cameron was too quick for her injured body. He threw the plate into her neck. The blood dribbled on Cameron and he thrust it in harder. Her eyes rolled back with her mouth open and she fell on top of him.

Cameron threw her off of him. The man was still lying on the ground. Cameron could feel the vampire drifting in and out of consciousness. Cameron struck the pole in through the man’s shoulder blade and drew it back out. Black blood filled out of it as the vampire groaned harder. Cameron rolled the man over. It was the same one that had taken Nina. Cameron put one foot on the man’s chest that now had a blood filled hole in it. Cameron leaned on it and the man squeezed his eyes shut, then opened them to look at his soon-to-be killer. Cameron glared at him.

“Didn’t think I could do it, did you?” Cameron muttered, loud enough for only the vampire to hear. The vampire gurgled a laugh as blood rose up his mouth.

“I’m…surprised…yes…” the vampire growled. “What…are you?”

Cameron shook his head. “Not one of you,” Cameron murmured and drove the pole through the vampires heart. The vampire’s eyes grew wide then Cameron felt the vampire die. Cameron pulled the pole out of its chest, pushing his hair back from his head. Cameron looked around and continued walking.

Cameron didn’t come in contact with another vampire for another two minutes. He was coming close to where they kept Nina. Cameron quickened his pace. He could feel the blood drying on his body from the woman vampire’s blood. Suddenly a vampire came running at him. Cameron quickly dropped the metal plate and grabbed the pole like a baseball bat. He swung the bat and matched it with the vampire’s neck. The vampire fell backward as a second vampire came running at him. The vampire jumped and Cameron ducked from the blow and hit the vampire’s knees inward. The vampire screamed and more came. Cameron figured the man vampire that he had killed last sent out a message to his fellow vampires. Cameron cursed and hit the pole against the broken-kneed vampire’s head and quickly picked up the metal plate just in time to slash a woman vampire in the face as she almost grabbed him. She howled in pain and Cameron slid the pole in between her ribs. She looked at him, confused and Cameron swung her at the rest of the vampires that were coming after him.

Cameron fought against them, each with moves that he had been practicing for years. An old vampire male was the last one to come hurling at him. The vampire tried to get into Cameron’s head, but Cameron didn’t fall. Cameron kicked the vampire back and threw the metal plate at the vampire’s head. The vampire caught it just before it came in contact and threw it. The metal plate slide good few yards away from them. Cameron ran at him and the vampire tried to grab Cameron, but Cameron grabbed the vampire’s hand first, pulling it towards him. Cameron jumped onto the vampire's knees and ran up its torso. As Cameron had planned, the vampire fell backwards, surprised. Cameron landed with one foot the vampire’s neck and the other foot on its chest, still holding the vampires’ hand. Before the vampire had time to push Cameron off of it, Cameron pushed the pole through the vampire’s head.

Cameron furrowed his brow and got off of the vampire. He walked to the wall and put his back against it and calmed himself. He ran his fingers through his shaggy brown hair and looked at the mess of bodies. There were at least fifteen or more of them, all of which lay motionless on the floor. Cameron pushed himself from the wall and walked over to get the metal plate. Cameron stood up and looked down the hall. A dim blue light was ahead just around the curve of the hall.

"Nina." Cameron ran towards it, not caring what heard him. The closer he was, the better he could feel her. He rounded the curve and through the already opened doors that led to the room that he had been in only hours before. Cameron stared at the glass chamber in front of his view. The water was up to the ceiling and she was floating in the center of the room, completely submerged in the water. Cameron’s breath caught and his heart started pounding hard. He ran to it with his mouth open.

”NINA!” He yelled. Her mouth and eyes were closed as her body was completely relaxed with her hair floating like a halo around her. She seemed so calm and it scared him. Cameron ran to the switches and started flicking each one, too worried to concentrate which ones the man at the switches had turned. Cameron’s eyes started to sting as he flicked and turned each one.


Cameron looked up at the clinking of metal pipes. The water began going down. Cameron's body was screaming Nina's name, but he couldn't open his mouth to speak. He ran to where the door that opened to the chamber. He tried to open it, but it wouldn’t open. Small white letters flashed on the black, metal door reading, “Water Still In Room”. Cameron beat his fists on the door, dropping the pole and metal plate with a loud Cling! Cameron began yelling in frustration. His heart was in his throat as he looked through the thick glass. Her back was floating on top of the water as her hair floated around her. The water was halfway down.

“Pity, huh?” said a voice from behind Cameron. Cameron’s nose flared as he turned around, glaring. He could feel his blood pressure going up. In front of Cameron stood Jason with seven vampires standing erect behind him. Jason smiled. The blue color from the water made them seem brighter in the dark room.

“She was so pretty, too,” Jason said, smiling harder showing off his fangs. Cameron slanted his eyes, quickly bent down, grabbed the pole and metal plate and smashed the vampires running at him. With the pole and the metal plate in hand, he pierced hearts, necks, stomachs, crotches and yet more seemed to come. They were running through the open door behind Jason. Cameron fought each one. Some tried to jump on him, but he swung the pole like a bat and knocked them away. Some tried to put their blood-thirsty claws on his mind; feeling them wrap their fingers around it, but he blocked them away with songs, rhymes and pictures of Nina through the years. He kept swinging and slashing, each memory of her giving him more strength in each blow.

It seemed to last forever. Bodies lying in lumps on the ground, some moaning in pain as their bodies tried to heal themselves, but Cameron continued fighting. Jason had failed by making mostly new vampires and taking in only a few old vampires with experience. Jason seemed to make many mistakes as each vampire seemed less experienced than the other. Jason watched, curiously, as Cameron jumped and ducked, lurching forward at each enemy. He was covered in deep scratches and bruises as the vampires tried to take him down. Cameron spent three long days building up his energy while he tried to find a good way for an escape, thinking of only Nina. Now Nina was dead. Cameron yelled in fury and swung stronger and slashed harder. Finally, the last vampire came slowly at him, almost appeared to be glowing.

It was a woman, who was very beautiful. She was tall and red headed. She looked at him with a blank stare. She had grey blue eyes, but dark eye brows. She walked calmly towards him and began whispering in his head.

She’s dead, Cameron. Now you and I can begin. That’s what she would have wanted, Cameron. She would have wanted you to move on. Just look at her, Cameron, Her voice said, echoing in his head. Cameron gritted his teeth and swung. She grabbed the pole, her face still expressionless. Jason stood, still at the door, watching. Cameron lurched forward with all of his effort and she knocked his blow away like an insect. Jason began smirking. She walked to him, with her hand still on the pole. Cameron tried to avoid eye contact with her until she came so close that he had to look at her. She was only inches shorter than Cameron.

“Cameron,” she whispered, her voice sounded like the whispers of angels. The light reflected off of her eyes from the white room, making her eyes flash like an animal's. Cameron fell on his knees and a tear slid down his face as he gritted his teeth. Her voice was the only thing he could hear even though he tried to fight it. He let go of the pole and she took it. She drew the pole back, her face looking down at him with the same blank stare. Cameron closed his eyes and searched out.

Nina, he whispered in his head. He opened his eyes, looking down. A vampire’s body was at his feet and there it was. Cameron smiled calmly. Cameron grabbed it quickly and flung it at her arm that was only inches from his head. He ducked as her hand flew off and hit the ground, just inches from him. Cameron looked at her and saw that her lips were drawn back, revealing her pale, white fangs and she screamed with rage. She looked at Cameron. Her eyes were no longer the bluish grey, but now was a blood red matching her hair.

Cameron gripped the vampire’s medium sized knife that he struck the red head with. It was black, very sharp blade and with a grooved handle to fit your fingers perfectly. Cameron crouched, waiting to attack the ferocious woman coming towards him. She lunged at him and Cameron ran to her. They clashed. She put her only hand around his throat, squeezing, and he put his free arm around her, driving the knife into her as she drove her fangs into the artery in his neck. Cameron jerked the knife deeper into her and she hissed against his neck. She sucked in only a little blood. Cameron growled and pulled the knife out and lifted the knife above her, driving the knife down into her back. The red head growled. She pulled back and looked at him furiously, his blood dripping out of her mouth and running down her throat and onto her pale green, silk dress.

Cameron looked at her and his vision started going in and out. She poisoned him with her venom. He rolled over and the world started swaying. He gasped for air. Cameron landed with a thud against the cold, stone floor without realizing he was falling. He looked at Nina who was now lying on the ground in the room. Her eyes were shut and the water was gone. All that remained of the water was small puddles as if it had rained. Cameron could feel his blood mixing with the vampire poison, trying to change him. He snarled and looked at the woman. She smiled at him and looked back at Jason for approval. Jason must have left because he was no longer at the door. Cameron saw her face drop as she turned to Cameron.

Cameron pushed himself up, still clutching the knife. He could feel fire burning through his veins, but he kept thinking of Nina to keep him going. She laughed at him closing her eyes and throwing her head back. Cameron drew the knife and grabbed her hair. She opened her eyes and stopped laughing. She furrowed her eye brows together, but held up an arm to protect her and he sliced through it. The bone was visible through her skin. She yelled and Cameron cut a deep wound in her neck. She stopped yelling and fell to the ground when he let go of her hair. She fidgeted for a minute and then Cameron could feel the soul inside of her body. He felt the spirit as it left her body, becoming clean of all demonic blood that ran through her mortal body.

Cameron looked around for Jason. The poison was blurring his vision even more and weakening him. Cameron fell down on his knees and cursed. He looked back at the door which no longer blinked with white letters. Cameron got up as fast as he could, which wasn’t much faster than a slug and reached for the door. His hand closed around the slender pole that ran down the door. Cameron pulled it towards him and it swung open easily. He crawled through it.

He fell forwards as the venom throbbed through his heart. Cameron pulled himself towards Nina. A tear fell from his eyes as he tugged her limp body towards him. He turned her over on her back and brushed her hair from her face. Cameron pushed himself up to a sitting position as he stared down at her.

“Nina, please,” he cried out. He cradled her head in his lap. Her clothes were drenched and her face was pale. He listened to her, trying to find any life.

Nina! He shouted to her, closing his eyes. He tried to search through his mind to remember CPR. Cameron laid her down, carefully, on the wet floor. He closed her nose and pushed air from his lungs into hers. He saw her chest rise and fall as he pushed against her chest for heart compressions. An overwhelming pain rose to his head as the venom spread further, but Cameron tried to ignore it. He kept pushing against her chest and pushing air through her lungs. He called out to her with his mind and out loud, willing her to come back to him.

Please don’t leave, Cameron begged. He couldn’t tell if she was still there or not as the venom coursed through his body. He pushed air through her again filling up her lungs as her chest grew. He looked at her through blurred eyes. He brought her into his chest and let the tears fall. He put his hand on her head and cradled her, rocking back and forth, calling her name.

Faint at first, but suddenly it grew louder. Her heart began beating as her mind started to wrap itself around his. He lifted his head and cried. He looked down at her and she opened her eyes and rolled over. She started coughing up water. He watched her as she rolled over and looked at him. After a moment of coughing, her green eyes closed and opened again, focusing on his face. She rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling and then looked back at him, smiling. He took her hand and kissed it. He grabbed her up and hugged her. She held onto him and kissed his chest. He squeezed his eyes closed. He quickly opened them again and pushed her back, stumbling to the other side of the room. She furrowed her eyebrows together, looking at him confused.

“What is it?” She asked, watching him. His teeth started to burn as he clenched his fists and tilted his head back, closing his eyes.

”Nina, run…Go…Please,” Cameron pleaded. He squeezed his eyes shut. She got up and walked slowly, kneeling in front of him.

Cameron, what’s happened? She asked in his head. She pushed back his hair and made him open his eyes. He opened them and it answered her question. Tears started to fill her eyes which made them a brighter green. She closed her eyes and opened them. He could feel her weakness from drowning and coming back, but yet she still managed to kiss him on the forehead.

Nina, He called out to her. She bent down and kissed him on the lips. He kissed her back. She put her forehead against his. I’ll come find you, again. I promise, Cameron murmured to her in his mind. Tears fell down her face as she backed up. He watched her. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he would start craving her. He stood up with all of his strength and held out his hand to her. She took it, steadily.

They walked through the door that kept her trapped like an animal for four days. They walked down the winding corridors. Cameron struggled holding himself up. Nina noticed and put his arm around her shoulders as she helped carry some of his weight. His breathing was hard and stressed, but he continued on. He needed to get her to the outside. They walked through the corridors and up to the escape that they had been to so many times before. Her tiredness radiated through him as his pain radiated through her. They kept each other moving without making a sound. It would be daylight since the vampires only got their prisoners out during the daytime and put them back in their cells at night to hunt.

When they reached the exit with Jason nowhere to be found, Nina opened the door leaving Cameron in the shadows. Sunlight flowed out from it and Cameron shrunk back. His pupils focused as they watched Nina shine in the doorway. She looked back at him with tears streaming down her face. Pain jolted through Cameron and he cursed. He knelt down on the floor. Nina was by his side in seconds, holding his head and pressing it against her. He looked up at her and she looked back at him.

When I can contain myself, I’ll come find you, Cameron whispered to her.

I don’t want to leave you, Nina whispered back. She leaned down and kissed him on the lips. He put his hand on the back of her neck, drawing her in.

I love you, Cameron, she whispered putting her forehead against his and looking into his eyes.

I love you, too.


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(Original picture created by: The Shadow of a Demo

Thanks for letting me use and edit your picture :)

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A really great story, but I saw a few typos, "that they had drug him down for the past four days" This sentence didn't make that much sense. You wrote "Tars" when I think you meant tears. Very captivating. Great job.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Very captivating writing it`s a creative discriptive ride and with a mind as wild as mine it`s nice to provoke it sometimes :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

I love how you go into detail, it captures my mind every time you begin to describe something, this is really good, your very talented! Thank you for sharing. Keep writing!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on June 1, 2010
Last Updated on December 31, 2010
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