The Meeting

The Meeting

A Chapter by Snoopy

"Leoma, come sit down," peter says, waving his hand towards the chair. as i look around, there are people so influential throughout the Heavenly Community, that had i not been i the same room with them, i wouldn't have dared looked them straight in the face. Peter was there, along with Mary Magdalene, Mary Our Lady, Luke, all four of the Evangelists, Thomas, and James. 


I sat in between Luke and Mark, two of the guys that i was relatively comfortable sitting around. Our Lady was sitting right across from me though. I was greeted with a "Hi Leona" or a "Hey there Leo", a "Hello my child" from Our Lady, and a respectful "Hello Leonasha" from Luke. Always the gentleman, he is. 


"Well, as everyone well knows, this meeting was called together because of the recent disturbances that have occured down in the human world. the Thousand Years are almost over, the devil will have to be let out any day now, according to Him, very soon. I personally say that he can be locked up for another thousand years, but He made a promise to him, and going back on the promise would mean ultimate doom. So what do we do? Who's lives should we safeguard, who's should be ended quickly thereby avoiding the evils?" Peter said, and sat down as Our Lady stood up.


"My son has given me the names of those who must be safeguarded as much as possible. There are three reasons why we called you here today, Leo darling, and this is one of them. I will provide you with a list later on, but we must move on, for I do believe Leonasha has very important business to attend to," She said with a smile.


"Oh no, Your Grace, none is more important than where I am now," I said quickly.


"Oh, but i beg to differ. You see, the training of our angels is one of the most important jobs in the Heavenly Community," she said with a smile that made me agree.


"Yes, well, the other matter is that there has been a rumor going around that He might change the Time Of Glorification to an earlier time. This is true. Obviously, we can do nothing about it, but we do need to know when this happens. Ma, can you intervene?'


"Of course I can," She replied, with a regal nod.


"And the third matter of business, and probably the most important is this: believe it or not, but Jesus has predicted a corruption within our Gates. And you know him- anything he says is infallible."

© 2008 Snoopy

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Added on July 7, 2008
Last Updated on September 11, 2008



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