I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry

A Story by Cali

Another nightmare.


               The knife was sent into my upper arm, causing me to scream out in pain. It ground against my bone and sliced through my skin and muscle swiftly, getting lodged into my limb. I tried to get it out by yanking on the hilt violently, but it wouldn't budge. I looked up at the controller of the deadly blade with tears in my eyes. "Why the hell did you do that?!" I shrieked.

               My enemy chuckled and smirked. He stepped out of the shadowy corner that he sent the dagger from and approached me. I backed up slowly, still trying to yank out the blood-soaked metal. "Ryan, why did you do that?! Oh, my God, it hurts!"

               He advanced toward me quickly, laughing quietly to himself as he progressed. Once he was close enough, he gripped my throat with one of his strong hands. I coughed and struggled under his grip, trying to get away so I could tend to my arm. He made his other hand go to my throat as well, the pressure doubling as a result. I coughed and gagged, wrestling my old friends fingers off of my throat. My effort was in vain, though, and in what seemed like annoyance Ryan threw me into a wall.

               My head banged into the drywall painfully, a small gasp of surprise escaping my lips while I slid to the ground. I let my tears of shock and pain slide down my cheeks as I coughed and choked on my sobs. Why? Why is he doing this? I've known him since kindergarten. He's one of my best friends...so why...?

               Ryan progressed towards me once again. "Cali," he stated calmly, "I'm sorry."

               I coughed and looked up at him in disbelief. I couldn't see much, mainly because of the dim lighting and my tired eyes. "You don't act sorry! You act happy! Why?! Why are you doing this?! I thought you were my frie--" A cough cut off my screams of hate.

               He knelt down next to my broken body and put his hand under my chin. "I'm sorry," he repeated quietly.

               I closed my eyes tightly, shaking my head. "No, no you're not. If you were sorry you would stop. You would leave me alone. But you aren't. So, no, you're not sorry."

               Ryan sighed deeply as I heard what sounded like another metal blade being unsheathed. "Cali, I'll see you in Hell, okay?"

               I was going to ask what he meant by that; I wasn't going to Hell. He was going to Hell for killing me. But before I could ask my question, a cold and menacing blade went into my chest. My eyes sprang open and I screamed my loudest scream. My tear ducts seemed to erupt, spilling every last tear I had out of my eyes.

               Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Ryan's face dimly. He had a look of pain across his face, and shiny tears were nestling inside his eyelids precariously. He bowed his head and muttered, "I'm so sorry, Cali."

               That was the last thing I saw before I dove into an eternal blackness.

© 2010 Cali

Author's Note

It kinda sucks. It was a short dream. Why do I always die in my dreams?

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Very well written. saw your comment that it was a dream, still wish there was more character backstory/depth.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Wow....when did your boyfriend turn to domestic abuse?

Posted 12 Years Ago

D****T TINA!!!! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO HER!!!!! He would never do that though. ;) Good description, I cringed throughout.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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You know what, I'll just make this nice and short for you: Favorite Colors: Red and black Favorite Animal: The fainting goat Favorite video game: Can't narrow it down; it goes around Left 4 Dead 2 .. more..

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