A Chapter by Darke Rayne

A quest for survival. Will they be able to work together to make it to the safe haven or will they perish on the way? A group of people soon realize they have more in common than the will to survive.


"You need to go..." I narrow my eyes at my sister. She was kneeled down in front of me. I saw my uncle standing behind her, clutching his gun tightly in his hands.

"I won't...I don't want to leave you here!"

"You have to," I snarled, and then hissed in pain. I looked down at my leg. There was a large gash a few inches down from my hip. It was crudely wrapped in shredded pieces of cloth.


"You know.... as much as I like talking and all, I really think we need to hurry up and figure out what we're doing. Those people down the street don't look too friendly and I rather not die in place named after a rat-dog."

I glanced at my cousin and then followed his gaze. Sure enough, there were a couple of bumbling corpses walking this way. They weren't too close to notice us but it wouldn't be that long before they smell me.

"You guys can go ahead. I'm just slowing you down." I huffed. IT was difficult as it is to walk around in the heat of this desert, but with me along with them....

"I'm not leaving you behind, Liam!" My sister cried again.

"Shush and go. I'll...catch up with you guys later."


"I promise." I look up into her face. Her green eyes are over filled with tears.

"You better not break that promise..." She whispered as my uncle pulled her away from me.

"Here." My cousin said, pulling my gaze to him. He was handing me one of his pistols. "You'll need that if you want to live more than two seconds!"

"JACK!" My uncle snapped. Jack grinned at him while I took the pistol from him. My uncle handed me one of the canteens strapped to his side. I nodded in thanks and watched the three walk away. My sister kept looking back at me until my uncle finally pulled her attention away for them to speed up their pace.

I sighed and looked down the opposite way they were moving. Those Zombies weren't paying any mind to them or me. They were just standing there. Weird.

I look down into my lap and let another sigh. 

My uncle was taking Jack and Abigail to the safe haven in the next state over. Phoenix, Arizona. We were in Texas right now. The Chihuahua Desert to be moderately exact.

I snort.


We'd been driving from Houston but we ran out of gas and even out of the reserve canteens we packed. It'd be a seven-day walk from here to there. A walk I wouldn't be able to make with them. I wince and glance back at my leg. I check how many bullets were in the gun. There were four. Great, three for the zombies and one for me.

Looking out the window of the car, I try to imagine a happier time. I see me and my friend Lance as young kids, running down the block; I see me and my wife walking from the car to put the groceries and children away. I see my sister riding on her scooter with her friends.

Though, they are nothing by distant memories now, I cannot help but reminisce.


I jump at the sudden loud noise. I turn my head slowly to the right and see blank, milky white eyes. Half of its face was missing, blood and rotting tissue slowly sliding down the window.

Aw s**t....

© 2016 Darke Rayne

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Added on December 21, 2016
Last Updated on December 21, 2016
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