Fresh Beginnings

Fresh Beginnings

A Poem by Nicole

A second chance to be yourself, no matter what or when the opportunity, take it(: (in my case HS Freshman next year .. where the fresh in "Fresh Beginnings came from)

Time to take steps towards ocean tides
Look back, enjoy the view
Escape from crusty sandy days
Discover pools of blue
Heres your chance, take it now
Create the new true you
A new beginning for each heart
As fresh as morning dew

Droplets sprinkled 'cross crisp leaves
Fresh from lingering silver storms
Away with thundering memories
Let lightening strike away your norm
Outshine the rest, outsmart the best
Follow optimist prime and transform!
Follow your heart, love what you do
Follow your dreams, let them conform

Take a step 'cross boundary lines
Take imagination outside your box
You've built that wall of protection round yourself
So now tear down those building blocks
Show the world what you're made of
Let them all be shocked
What we are is gods gift to us
What we become is our gift to him we must unlock

You. Its all 'bout you now
Fresh beginnings have come your way
Dont be scared to take a chance
Let the new you stay
Melancholy days descending now
Through sunshine golden rays
So walk with me along the shores
Youll find yourself along the bay

© 2011 Nicole

Author's Note

May be adding more later, opinions? Thanks so much

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I like your scheme :)
Also this poem has really good imagery. The continued theme referencing the ocean is a nice touch, the text color even gives a sense of immersion. The only thing I might suggest is including more punctuation to give a sense of when pauses should occur to maintain a nice and steady flow without feeling like it's a run on sentence and you have to say it in one breath. Regardless, the content is fantastic. Kudos :]

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on January 27, 2011
Last Updated on January 27, 2011
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