10 Gifts of Life

10 Gifts of Life

A Poem by DaveM

This poem explores the idea that there is an law or rule that people must follow in order to achieve happiness and success in life.


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10 Gifts of Life...    

A Poem of Cosmic and Human Destiny


  [Is there a law or rule, that must be applied to a  

  persons life, to achieve happiness and success?

  This poem explores that idea, connecting the 

  evolution of the universe to that of Human society

  and its eternal search for optimum survival.]  


Come trace the path, of nature’s wrath,

when time had just begun!

Come steel your mind, and get behind,

the loaded cosmic gun!


Once... All was but a point so dense,

Where science breaks down

and makes no  sense!

When space beyond that point couldn't go

And time itself, refused to flow!


It stayed that way, who knows how long 

For time to it did not belong.

A Force within it gave command,

That from that point, it must expand.

That Force, that wanted it now free

Unleashed its' cosmic energy.

How came this thing?

Where did It spring?

It still remains a mystery!

But now that its free, what might it be,

A particle soup or quantum sea,

or a universe from a mind so great,

As only some god could initiate?

But something grand it chanced to be,

To evolve the likes of you and me!


Why did it opt to go that way,

To choose the path it took, you say?

To build from plasma hot and dense,

Matter that for science makes sense?

Each piece, each sub-atomic part,

Together joined, so neat and smart.

Each charge, each field just right,

To let the night stars burn so bright!


Our journey begins, at the very fringe,

Where space and time were born.

From a time-less dot, so intensely hot,

The whole of all that is, was torn.

As it cooled down, its' parts where bound,

And atoms came to be...

Atoms to atoms struck,

Molecules together stuck...

Then light at last flowed free!


What could it be, this energy,

that set the finite speed of light

Whose gravity controls the Earth,

to bind together rock and dirt

But not so much to crush and blight,

the fragile life within its' might?

That filled the oceans up, just right,

A moon to light the sky at night!


So we wonder, mull and ponder

this miracle and mystery.

One good thing, to this we bring,

we were born to think and see.

That which came before, we know,

somehow to us did bestow

A heart and mind to realize,

that life is natures' biggest prize!


What answers do we seek,

be us wise or meek,

to set our minds at rest?

What must we know,

where should we go,

what goals be our quest?

From books we glean, an ancient scene,

beneath a Sages' tree,

Perhaps to find, some peace of mind,

or a refuge where to flee.


Though little we still know,

what makes the cosmos flow,

of this we can be sure:

The universe has found a way,

for stars in galaxies to stay,

for eons to endure.

Its' atoms passed the test of time

and evolved to life from ancient brine.

From tiny one celled microbes fine,

came humans after endless time.


So here we live, beneath this sieve,

of blinking stars and warming sun.

Each goes their way to pass the day,

and rest when work or play is done.

Too many trod the path of life,

aware of only petty strife.

Their eyes half closed to a vibrant rose

or the setting of the sun.


As viewed afar, from where you are,

the universe is vast,

We try to find, with heart or mind,

the meaning of its' past;

To hear within, this worldly din,

an answer clear and bright,

At last to know, which way to go:

at the tunnels' end - a light!


We march in front of natures' line:

holding in our hands

her banner and her sign.

We are the universe come alive

to seek and find,

its order, purpose and design.

Can one not in truth conclude,

the lessons of the stars include,

a message and allure?

What guiding laws from her extract?

How can they this life impact,

to help us to endure?


Now is the time, to bend your mind,

to all that you can be.

The answers here, the goal is clear,

a hope for all humanity.

Come follow now and find out how

'Ten Gifts' can tell it all.

How intertwined, both things and mind,

obey the Cosmic Call.


'Ten Gifts' embrace:

Earth and Stars, People,

Life forms, Moon and Mars

Families, Religion, Ancient lore

and Oceans touching every Shore,

Things we build and land we till,

Schools and Houses and much more.


When did it fall, on-to the world,

this Cosmic Call?

Before birds the oceans flew

and flowers dripped with dew.

Before white clouds be-decked the sky:

before the mountains rose so high.

Before the Earth around the Sun,

in never ending curve did run.

Even the Sun was not yet born

and space itself of stars was shorn. 

But when the universe cooled down,

the cosmic call of Natures' laws did sound.


What does it mean: "the Cosmic Call"?

Answer: Natures' dominion over all.

Cause and effect are Her tools of change,

from chaos to order She does arrange.

She touches things both live and dead

and leaves scant little left unsaid.

Where fits Mankind in Her plans?

“Treasure this planet!” is Her command!


Some state the universe was made,
in 'Gods' great mind the plan was laid.

That time and space with Him begun,

the Stars and Earth, the Moon and Sun.

That life from dust grains did He grow;

the holy bible says it’s so.

Others, different message send;

that science can tell us, how and when.

Still others shake their head in doubt:

the first cause, they say, we can’t find out.

But one thing they all agree;

the universe and Earth are here,

and so are we!


But how can stars so far away,

impact the life we live today?

And Galaxies beyond the stars,

how can their life affect ours?

But nothing happens all alone:

from dying stars, DNA is honed,

Now Man has chanced upon the scene,

to seek solutions he can glean.


We've seen the laws in natures' stores

and traced her path from stars to Earth   

In spite of this, we're still a-miss,

yet crave some purpose to our birth.

For this to know, it's best to go

where ego cannot tread

And from this vaulted mystic place,

this truth to face... instead:


Happiness can naught beget, 

from possessions, approval or passions fret:

Happiness' awards to you:

based only on the works you do,

good efforts, good harvests get.

Each valued thing that nature brings, is a GIFT:

to Learn, Cultivate and Adore.

Hidden within, these words so thin,

is the answer; the Power to Restore.


The universe unfolds its' wares,

to each of us its' bounty shares,

the rest is up to you.

For every prize, nature provides,

you must agree to take some responsibility, as due.

Here are the rules, for Sage or fools,

obligations made right - bring satisfaction and delight.

Before the Harvest; land to till -

before a Plan; the will - before a Victory: the fight.


Too often we expect, our life for us project,

money, love, happiness or fame.

Often locked in dreams we stay,

of mind to waste each precious day,

to others goes the blame.

Now there's a Map, step by step,

a guide for life that must be kept,

if we are to succeed.

Ten Gifts on this map are shown;

each denotes a different zone

that fills our every need.


A map reveals a place to start,

from where a journey will depart and where it ends.

Our voyage will a lifetime last,

from birth until the die is cast,

there at the rivers bend.

Though said before, it must repeat,

each action will a harvest reap, be that joy or loss.

There is no magic yellow road,

paved with jewels and precious gold,

this you know, of course!


But real riches you have found,

each a Gift of treasures bound,

and you possess the key.

Before you open up your Gift,

and through its precious contents sift:

know your Responsibilities.

No matter who the giver be:

God, Nature or Cosmic Entity:

A "thank you", you might say.

But how can you full demonstrate,

these Gifts you do appreciate?

Why, care for them each day!

Now, take these Gifts of which we rave,

this treasure trove the cosmos gave,

to you... for free!


Ten Gifts as promised to provide:

Wait for you with ribbons tied:

count them one by one:

Your Life, a Family, Community, a Country, Humanity, [Animals Plants DNA], our Planet home

things we use or own,

A Cosmos wide where Stars abide,

a Spiritual side to be your guide -

a guiding source or Tome.


The 10 Gifts of Life,


Gift 1: You would envision your LIFE - to think and feel, to work and build, To laugh and love - as the first of many Gifts to Appreciate, Cultivate and Prize.


Gift 2: You would value your FAMILY

as a lynchpin of human society,

A source of support that never runs dry:

To Love, Honor and Protect.


Gift 3: You would conceive of your COMMUNITY, Friends and Neighbors

as participants in the daily struggles

and successes of your life and Support them in return.


Gift 4: You would see your COUNTRY as a broader community and commitment, and hopefully...

a lighthouse over the troubled waters of the world: Yourself a Participant and Voice.


Gift 5: You would welcome other Races, Cultures and Nations as a rainbow Of HUMANITY, seeing them as

a valued diversity of Brothers and Sisters.


Gift 6: You would view ANIMALS, PLANTS and Other creatures that all share DNA in Common with Humanity: as a Gift and a treasure to preserve for Generations yet to come.


Gift 7: You would see this planet EARTH with its' wealth of MATERIAL resources as a Grant, but also your PERSONAL Responsibility to Preserve and Protect.


Gift 8: You would allow that the birth and death of stars is part of the COSMOS' quest to evolve the Universe to ever Finer forms of Being... And you would see Humanity locally as the vehicle of that quest,

as having the potential to lift Life

to the next lofty plateau of Spirituality.


Gift 9: You would be aware of a SPIRITUAL presence within you and around you and strive

to apply its words of Wisdom -

so often proven right - to your life.


Gift 10: You would treasure your ties to that Awesome AUTHOR or Cosmic Intelligence that wrote the Rules of Reality for all that was, is, and is yet to be.


   The Law of Responsibility and Reward


Each Gift possesses a limited source of energy. If you neglect it, it weakens, and can collapse upon you. This collapse is experienced by you as ill health, unhappiness and failure. By caring for and appreciating each Gift you add energy to it, thus keeping it in balance around you. You experience this care as an improvement in heath, happiness and success in your life! Some Gifts require direct care from you, such as your body, mind and your family, etc... Others, distant from you, such as  stars and galaxies; require your awareness and appreciation of them.




What have you seen, new ideas gleaned, to stir your mind?

...To reject old ways, from yesterdays,

to history consigned!

For now we’ve found, 10 volumes bound,

with golden title signed,

 RESPONSIBILITY... the key word,

Its meaning well defined!


Each Gift yet be, a care for thee, a virgin unpaved row

With will and mind, a pathway find,

with effort you must hoe.

When work is done, a path you’ve won;

a harvest you did sow! 


Each Gift in trade, with care repaid,

with honest show of sweat

You’ve earned the right, with will and might,

to Happiness beget!



The Gifts we acquire, we cultivate ... or neglect

What we cultivate - or neglect - we harvest

What we harvest - we share.


         Copyright © David Moses 2011-2013
                 All Rights Reserved

© 2013 DaveM

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