Artist Profile: Bohdi

Artist Profile: Bohdi

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The beautiful and sultry voice of Bohdi


Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there who just don’t listen to music on a regular basis. Even though we are seemingly surrounded by music everywhere we go, (in stores, offices, etc.) that might be the only music they listen to and they are not even listening to it on a conscious level. They tend to be numb to that part of life. We have a friend who is like that" and we are not judging him or anyone else who may not take the time to search out new music, and we played him a song by Bohdi. She is the singer/songwriter who was born in the UK and raised there and in South Africa.


Well, needless to say, our friend listened to Scare Me and Gold Carrot, both songs written and sung by Bohdi, and we couldn’t believe his reaction. He was totally surprised and asked us where he could hear more of her “stuff.” We hooked him up with a few more songs and then he got online to see where she might be playing a live show so he could see her. We understood his enthusiasm because that’s exactly how we felt when we first heard this amazing woman sing her incredible songs. She is an artist of the highest degree.


Her wonderful voice seems so familiar and at the same time it comes across as if you’ve never heard anything like it before in your life. She has the remarkable ability to fill her lyrics with raw passion while not missing a beat or a chance to move it up a notch as she stirs in a touch of nostalgia or tosses in a pinch of thoughtfulness. Whatever she does, she does with full confidence in her skills. She commands the stage with a strong and unforgettable" and quite unique singing voice.


She is rock & Roll as well as R&B as well as contemporary and any other singing styles one can think of. She is the singer/songwriter who will be looked at as the voice of a generation (or two) ten years from now. Thirty years from now Bohdi will be a living legend and every one of her venues will be sold out within the first couple of hours of going on sale. Fifty years from now she will be surrounded by young musicians and singers taking questions such as: “Do you remember when you first became famous?”

































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Added on April 16, 2019
Last Updated on April 16, 2019
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