Behind The Amazing Creativity of Renowned Costume Designer Edurne Fernandez

Behind The Amazing Creativity of Renowned Costume Designer Edurne Fernandez

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Movie making is a collaborative art. It begins with the writer’s script and then is followed by the director’s vision and his or her ability to marshal all forces involved to ultimately bring about a cohesive finished product that hopefully, flows smoothly and can be easily understood and enjoyed by an audience. By “all forced involved” simply means the cinematographer, lighting people, editor, sound recorder, musicians (in post-production), makeup and hair stylists and a few other craft and art members of the creative crew. Wait, did we leave someone out who is always taken for granted? YES< we did!! Just like so many movie buffs and those knowledgeable about filmmaking we left out the costume designer.


As the well established costume designer Edurne Fernandez can most likely tell you, that role is too many times left out of the beginning of the creative process. Sometimes they are left out until the director gets tired of seeing the actors wearing jeans and tee shirts during rehearsals and only then does he or she figure out that they need the correct costumes to give them the feel and the look of the characters they are playing. Okay, we might have exaggerated a little here, because so many directors understand right from the beginning that the proper costumes can set the tone, mood and the hoped for reality of their production. That’s why Edurne Fernandez is in such high demand in the film industry; her costumes are spot on as and they match the characters’ personalities perfectly.


A costume designer isn’t someone who just walks in from the street and is entrusted with conceptualizing, designing and actually making the perfect costumes. The real pros, like Edurne, are artists who have a full understanding and grasp on fashion history, movie fashion history, draping, material specifically and textiles in general, pattern making and how different cloth moves and stretches and what colors enhance which skin types. There are literally thousands of other things that costume designers must know and filmmakers depend on their expertise to get the actor clothed and the job done within budget and on schedule. On a film, Edurne must work closely with the director, the cinematographer, production designer and lighting designer. She is one of the important collaborators on any film she works on.

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Added on March 14, 2020
Last Updated on March 14, 2020
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