Star Of "Beauty Queen" Actress Natasha Ivkovic

Star Of "Beauty Queen" Actress Natasha Ivkovic

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Australian Actress And Filmmaker Natasha Ivkovic


“Believe in yourself to the point of delusion.” This incredibly marvelous quote comes from Australian filmmaker/actress Natasha Ivkovic. When we read it we had to re-read it again and again to make sure we got it right. We did and we love that an artist would say it and give it as advice to aspiring artists. In fact, we think it is one of the best pieces of advice we have ever heard. That kind of keen observation on how a person should march to the heights of success is astounding simply because of its maturity and wisdom. It is something an Orson Welles or a 

Francis Coppola or a Meryl Streep might say in passing. Obviously, these great film people were and are filled with enormous talent and even more confidence and it would seem natural for them to casually blurt out a trade secret that isn’t said out loud very often, if at all. It is rare, however, to find that kind of foresight in someone who is still in her twenties.


It is akin to “Fake it until you make it,” which has helped countless people in numerous fields get to the top by acting as if they knew what they were doing when they actually had no idea. In Natasha’s case, she has perhaps stumbled on to a real gem of a tool for getting to where one wants to go. Her drive and sincerity, along with her immense acting skills, none of which are delusional by the way, have taken her from Sydney, Australia to the heart of the international film industry in Los Angeles and there doesn’t appear to be any slowing down in her future.


She has demonstrated time after time and film after film that she actually does believe in herself" without any false hope or even a pinch of delusion. She is a filmmaker who writes, produces and acts in her own productions, and those of other artists who she respects and loves working with. The talented Megan Chumbley directed her in Beauty Queen and she learned a great deal from John Ross on the Sleep Tight series and Tom Albanese when she worked on A Purgatory Story 

Beauty Queen was written and produced by Natasha and she played the role of Miss California. The story was conceived during the pandemic and was made almost entirely by a team of female filmmakers. Natasha has several projects coming up and she is constantly creating new ones for herself and others. Her ability to write, produce and act in films gives her an enormous advantage in one of the most competitive businesses in the world.




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Added on January 4, 2021
Last Updated on January 4, 2021
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