Hard Work And Persistence Pays Off For Model Ruby Sumegi

Hard Work And Persistence Pays Off For Model Ruby Sumegi

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The inspirational and beautiful Ruby Sumegi, making Australia proud!


It’s a real pleasure to meet a model who is articulate and not self-conscious about her beauty or what she does for a living. It’s also quite interesting that this model, Ruby Sumegi, is still in her mid-teens and has only been in the United States since she was ten years old. Refreshing might be the perfect adjective to describe our first impression of this Australian born young woman. Ruby has “The Look.” That is, if you saw her on the street or in the grocery store or anywhere for that matter, you would find yourself staring at her for no apparent reason. When you start to pull your gaze away your eyes would automatically dart back to this natural masterpiece of human beauty. “The Look” does that to people and Ruby has it in spades.


It’s easy to see why she was scouted by an agent and then signed to the prestigious State Model Management agency in Los Angeles. However, an important element to be considered here is that she has persevered in the business for several years with very noticeable success. One doesn’t do that just by having “The Look.” Ruby succeeds because she is a hard worker and is willing to do what the job requires. She is patient and she is flexible. She understands that she is not the only one in the room and she knows that she is not a diva who is served by others in the business. She learned early on by watching and by observation and experience that photographers and stylists have their own visions and that she needed to accept that and tap into it in order to make it reality in a project. In other words, it’s a collaborative effort with many people participating in the process. So, why fight it when you can help make it flow even smoother by leaving your ego at home.


Ruby is the consummate professional who knows the rules of the game and many times it is the unspoken rules that are the most meaningful and are the ones that can make or break a career. Waiting, for instance, can seem endless on some shoots. Unexpected delays can cause models to have to sit around and wait for several hours sometimes, which, for anyone, isn’t a lot of fun. Some photographers are strict with no sense of humor and some are quirky or bossy. Ruby has found that she must be patient and flexible when difficulties arise and she has also learned to adapt and adjust to the different personalities of each photographer. It’s all part of being a professional.





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Added on March 19, 2021
Last Updated on March 19, 2021
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