Monday Morning

Monday Morning

A Chapter by Stephanie

The Monday following the party. Amalia at school.

Monday Morning
   Amalia woke up to the sound of chimes, courtesy of the all-too expensive alarm clock Molly had picked up for her on a trip to Canada a few years back. At the time, Amalia had seriously questioned her mother’s judgment. There had to be cooler things in Canada than this clock. However, Molly thought differently so Amalia had been stuck with it for about three years now.
          She reached over and turned off the chimes. Still lying down, she put her hands over her face then stretched out her arms. The events of two nights past still lingered unwelcome in her brain. As much as she would’ve liked to be rid of them, they were like a moth to a flame; unavoidable and completely annoying.
          She switched on her stereo to blast music other than the classical crap her parents insisted on playing 24/7. Green Day poured out of the speakers and she danced over to the enormous walk-in closet. Of course, actually selecting an outfit of her choosing was out of the question. Amalia went to a private all-girls prep school, for which the jaw dropping tuition was paid by her parents. It was all plaid skirts and sharp blazers, no sparkly hair ties or rebel socks. All in all, a completely oppressing place. Amalia detested it. In any case, it wasn’t up to her, so she threw on her mandatory uniform and tied her hair back in a chic ponytail. If there was nothing else extraordinary about her, she had amazing hair. Or so she was told.
          “Radio off, bed made, clothes in hamper…” Amalia ran through her mental checklist. Every morning, she did what any normal teenager would do, such as making her own bed. Yes, the maid came in everyday and had surprisingly little to do due to her thorough cleanings. It was one of the small things Amalia could do to drive her parents nuts- make one part of their high functioning world obsolete. But what were they going to do? Yell at her for cleaning? The answer was yes. Absolutely yes.
          The high pitch of Molly’s voice made her jump. She dealt with this every morning, but it never ceased to amaze her just how high a voice could push itself.
          “Yeah, Mom?”
          “Why do you insist on belittling Ashley?”
          “Okay. One, the maid’s name is Amy. Two, I’m not belittling her. All I’m doing is acting like a responsible teenager and cleaning my own room. It won’t kill me.” She grabbed a fresh bagel off the kitchen counter and sat in the dining room. Molly had followed her- no surprise- and she was expecting doomsday.
          “That is her job, Amalia. She gets paid for it.”
          “Then you pay her a little less for what she doesn’t do. It’s not like you don’t pay her way too much already.”
          That did it. Molly’s face went tomato red and waves of heat hit Amalia in the face. Wanting to avoid that particular volcano, she grabbed her bag and left the house. It was a nice day by any standard dictionary definition. Blue sky, minimal clouds, chirping birds, dew on the grass…blah blah blah. To most people, the “perfect weather” was just another awkward ice breaker. 
          Her dad’s company car was waiting for her outside. Black, sleek and fast. Any other word ruined the car’s image for Sam. If it didn’t look like it belonged in The Fast and the Furious, it was unacceptable. She clambered into the backseat, being careful not to flash her colorful underwear to the driver. The underwear had been another rebellious purchase. In fact, Amalia had bought them the same day as her now ruined socks. That thought was an instant downer. She was forced to think about that horrid party with that wonderful boy all the way to school (Granted, it was only ten minutes, but any amount of time spent thinking about “it” was far too much in Amalia’s opinion).
          “Thanks, Cal.”
          “Give ‘em hell, kid.”
          She smiled and waved as Cal drove away. He was one of the coolest people she knew, which was sad when coupled with the fact Tarrington Prep had close to four thousand students. All girls. The only person she really found intriguing at school was Lorelai, who was more or less her best friend. She supposed she found Kris fascinating, but she wouldn’t let herself think about it.
          The usual early birds to school waved their hellos at her in the hallways. She never spoke to most of these girls unless she was asking for an assignment, so why did they feel the need to acknowledge her at all? If anything, Amalia was borderline rude to them all… The human race was strange.
          Arriving at her locker, she saw a purple sticky note on it. Lorelai’s handwriting.
Love, L.
          “What? I don’t g- AHH!”
          Lorelai had squeezed her sides, instantly eliciting a sharp scream. Amalia turned around and hit Lorelai’s arm. Lorelai did nothing but laugh and open her locker, which was right next to Amalia’s.
          “So, how was the party?”
          “Ugh, dead and buried. Rest in pieces.”
          “That good? Too bad I missed it.” She giggled and grabbed her Trig, Spanish, and History books. Even in her uniform, Lor was a vision. She had a tiny little body because she played a sport every season- it didn’t matter what either. She was great at everything. Currently she was into tennis and of course she was the best on the team. Her skin was creamy white, but not sickly pale like Amalia’s. She had raven black hair to offset the skin, and light blue eyes. No boyfriend. Sometimes, understanding her best friend was harder than understanding the latest trig lesson.
          “Trust me, you missed nothing.”
          Amalia thought about telling Lor right then and there. But knowing Lor, she’d overanalyze and jump to conclusions before Amalia could even finish the sad story. So she decided to save it for lunch. They both had Spanish III first with Senor Adams and had started off in that direction when the last person Amalia wanted to see tapped her shoulder.
          “Hey.” Kris was suddenly there, and he was staring straight at her. There was no way to play it off like he had been looking at Lor or something… S**t.
          “Um, hi.” She didn’t know what to do. She’d thought Kris would never talk to her again after what happened and she certainly hadn’t planned on doing this so soon. What was he even doing here? This was an all-girls school. How did he get in?
          “Can we talk?”
          “I…We have to get to Spanish. Later, kay?”
          He nodded, and then bounded off in the opposite direction. Lor was right into questions.
          “Who was that? How do you know him? Did you two have a thing? Where did you meet? Why didn’t you tell me about him? He’s cute… Are you dating? Do you have dibs? Oh! Was he at that party? Man, do I wish I had been there. How come you didn’t invite me?”
          “Lor! Please. I was going to tell you everything at lunch. For now, let’s go conjugate some verbs.”
          Lor glared at her suspiciously, but also kept her mouth closed since she had been promised details. They walked the rest of the way silently. More girls said hello to them. It seemed to take forever to get there, when in reality it took a grand total of one minute.
          Being in class, which Amalia usually hated, was refreshing. It meant she could keep her mind off that and maybe learn something for once. That wasn’t to say she was a bad student! She had straight A’s. The classes weren’t all that difficult and she had never had problems with procrastinating. There was really nothing else to do at her house besides homework. She just didn’t like class. Today she learned about the subjunctive and ways to express desire and the class played some index card game to learn the vocabulary for the week. In the end, the class was entirely too short and beyond unfulfilling.
          Thankfully, her next two classes before lunch were without her inquisitive best friend and she could daydream in peace. Today, though, daydreams only led back to two people on a Chinese bench. So again she was forced to pay attention.
          All too soon, the lunch bell rang. She took her sweet time getting to the cafeteria, knowing Lor would be waiting already. She was wrong. Lor already had Amalia’s lunch along with her own and was dragging her out to the courtyard before Amalia could blink.
          “Spill!” She was literally bouncing up and down on her knees.
          “Okay, okay. Kris was at my parent’s party on Friday. He knew who I was and started talking to me. He seemed…like me- sick of the glam and the plastic. So we talked. I showed him around the backyard and apparently he really liked my mom’s Chinese bench swing.”
          “We…started kissing. Then we were kinda, sorta…horizontal. But when he tried to get to second base, I woke up and realized I was a complete moron and ran away. I got the socks wet,” she ended pathetically.
          “The socks? No way?”
          “Way, Lor. Thanks for your concern.”
          “So how was it?” Her eyes were all lit up.
          “It sucked. I think the grass stains are set in.” Lor pinched Amalia’s leg. “Hey!”
          “I meant kissing Kris, genius.”
          Amalia was quiet. She knew what she should say to close this whole matter: It was terrible, I’ve been right to avoid boys. They’re pigs. But she didn’t want to say that. Because in all honesty, she’d loved it. Every second. Amalia had loved the rush of kissing, of making out. It was freeing and amazing and magical. She tried to smack herself for thinking that way, but she had never been one for self-flagellation.
          “It was amazing.”
          Lor flipped. She started squealing and threw her hands in the air. Amalia brought her back down to earth.
          “I can’t ever do it again.”
          Party over. “What?! Why not?”
          “He’s a society boy, Lor. I mean, I could tell he hated it as much as I always do, but he’s still one of them. My parents would eat that up and I can’t…”
          “One of them? He’s a boy, Amalia, not an evil guy on Star Wars. If you loved it, why should you even think about that stuff?”
          “I have to! I have spent my whole life rebelling against everything my parents want. I’m surprised they haven’t disowned me. I can’t get involved with Kris.”
          “Hot name.”
          “That’s my name. Ask me again and I’ll tell you the same.” Lor sniggered and Amalia knew this conversation was over. She ate her lunch quietly and watched Lor smile to herself. Her world was crashing down over something she’d never even contemplated: a boy.


© 2011 Stephanie

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another great chapter, love how u combine all the characters and the little sense of mystery like how d hell did kris get into an all girls school. well done, it was great

Posted 13 Years Ago

I am sorry I am just now getting to read this...somehow i missed it...I am glad you are continueing the 'anti-society socks' story! I just loved that part and this is great as well!
Cant wait to read on and see what happens!

Posted 14 Years Ago

Everything in this is so wonderful and I like how the chartacters are held togther.
You did a most amazing write here. I agree with The Rock And Roll Cowboy as well
Wonderful written.

Posted 14 Years Ago

this is a great story, normally I hate stories where the only thing thats happening and drama and rebeling teenagers but yours is really good and very well written.

Posted 14 Years Ago

The characters and interactions are wonderful... you are building a great dynamics of how there friendship is... I love Amalia's attitude toward the high society and the things she does to bug her parents, cleaning her own room, thats good. Anyway a great continuation, I look forward to more.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Love it! Especially Lor.. Great Characters. Great Story.

Posted 14 Years Ago

I absolutley loved it!
it gave the feel of what wold be going on inside any teenagers head...
. "It was freeing and amazing and magical. She tried to smack herself for thinking that way, but she had never been one for self-flagellation. " you deff. gave the feeling of fighting within yourself. but yes i loved it! i cant wait to read more...which i will in about 2.2 secs! :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

I love the new character, Lorelai is my favorite now. It's developing nicely and I love your fashion of writing.

"Who was that? How do you know him? Did you two have a thing? Where did you meet? Why didn't you tell me about him? He's cute� Are you dating? Do you have dibs? Oh! Was he at that party? Man, do I wish I had been there. How come you didn't invite me?"

She made me laugh...all I can say is when is the next chapter due out?

Posted 15 Years Ago

[send message][befriend] Subscribe
You're onto something, here. I liked this, as I do all of your works. This is a Fascinating story! Keep it up...can't wait for the next chapter!

Posted 15 Years Ago

Ahhh...i was laughing to myself on some of the hidden referances that I could find in there...there is a certain "Boyfriend List" esque feeling mixed in with "Blue Bloods" high society feeling (ex the vamps of course)...and come on how could blame Lorelai for being so inquistive? Lol anyways thought it was really funny can't wait to read the next chapter

Posted 15 Years Ago

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