The Tower

The Tower

A Poem by Steve M

In the Tarot, The Tower will turn your life upside down.

The Tower
Steven Millard

From depths of eternal nothingness
my soul yearns--no--screams, for safe abode.
My ego mind dominates my life
and battles with my soul,
A battle which creates my destiny’s fate.
To suffer the fate of The Tower.
That card of Tarot that will turn your life upside down.
The Tower calls my name and once again, I must endure
this raging storm where
howling winds are voices of my past.
“You are worthless, incorrigible.”
are statements that echo in my mind.
As the raging sea assaults the towering walls
of this body, that  my soul claims refuge.
Its menacing attacks of the sea awakens
the monsters of my deep sub-conscience.
Monsters that has been dormant within my inner-being .
Monsters that answers to the name of fear and loneliness.
Suddenly karmic lightning strikes my tower and
sets ablaze my once safe abode.
With my ego threatened, I have no choice but
to cast myself from heights thereof
and fall into the raging storm of uncertainty.
To face joblessness, homelessness, and
banishment from family and friends.
Inebriation seems so inviting,
but this storm offers spiritual guidance
in its precipitation. To this I must cling.
For Jesus, Lord and Saviour
will bring the Sun to illuminate my path.
Whereas the soul battled with the ego
It finds peace with my divine right mind
where my soul now claims refuge.
To bring Love and Joy to this age old body
and learn empowerment through the
through the creativity of my soul.
How wretched it is to trod the path of the fool.

© 2013 Steve M

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Nothing better than to cross a fool with The Tower.

The problems and worry that can arise.

Man, this was good.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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     Steve M

10 Years Ago

thank you.

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1 Review
Added on January 2, 2013
Last Updated on January 2, 2013


     Steve M
Steve M

Chicago, IL

My name is Steve. I know, everyone all at once...duh. I love writing...and now it has become a dream come true. Looking for places to to form friendships with other keep that flame burnin.. more..

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