A Story by Eli Blayze

(Read parts 1 and two if you havebt yet)I gasped loudly, then the tears exploded from my already blood shot eyes. Was it him? I shook my head yes. I cried loudly, yes it was him. Yes.


My mom laughed when they told her what had happened. She laughed and said she had said he was dead. They took her away. I asked what I was supposed to do now. Jane said I could stay with her for as long as I’d like. But at the moment she had to go to the hospital to question my dad.

I sat, like I had been doing for what seemed like forever. And I waited. Which was all anyone involved or concerned with my brother’s disappearance seemed to be doing at this time. Anna suggested I call my family in the states and tell them what happened. I told her they wouldn’t care; they never liked us kids anyways. She said it was nonsense; I assured her it was only the truth. She shook her head; it was a terrible thing to hate children. I just sat there, motionless.

He’d never smile again. He’d never run to get a soda again. He’d never play basketball with his friends again. He’d never tell me he loved me again. But I hoped he knew I loved him. I just wanted to see him, one more time. Even if he was dead, though it would be hard, I needed the closure.

I got up from the seat and ran through the precinct, to the holding cell. The one where my so called mother was. She smiled at me.

You..How could you? I cried.

How could I what?

You know exactly what you did!

Now, Anna, go tidy up your room.

What the hell?!


I turned my back on her, with no final words. The only other time I ever wanted to see her was in the courtroom, being charged with assisting in abduction and murder. She knew about it. I wanted her to pay. She wasn’t my mother anymore. She was simply, Lisa.

I found my way to the café and bought a drink. My mouth was dry, and sore. I had just sat down when detective Jane found me. My dad died. I didn’t care. He deserved it too, more so then Lisa. He was now, Charlie to me. She said he gave up the location of my brother. I asked her to not tell me just this second, give me a few moments.

My eyes closed tightly. I imagined last year, when we were at Disney Land for vacation, I let my mind block out Lisa and Charlie. I focused on my brother. I focused hard. He was riding a Dumbo spinning ride thing. He was smiling and laughing, his laugh caused me to laugh, I could see his shining eyes, his hair blowing in the wind. I thought we were all happy. A small cry escaped my mouth as I pushed the memory away.

Jane shook me from my memory.

Are you ready to know?

I need to know.

He was in a hotel, just north of Quebec.


He’s….I’m sorry.

I knew it.

We need you to identify the body Caitlin. Whenever you are ready.

Let’s do it now.

She led me down a long hall, down a flight of steps, and through another hall. I grabbed for her hand. She offered it kindly. Anna appeared on the other side of me, she took my other hand. Was I ready? They asked. I had no choice. I heard lights click on, on the other side of the glass window, I couldn’t see anything because of a curtain. I held my breath. Tears swelled within me. I knew I was going to cry. It felt like hours until the curtain finally opened. Though it was only about three seconds.

I gasped loudly, then the tears exploded from my already blood shot eyes. Was it him? I shook my head yes. I cried loudly, yes it was him. Yes. My beautiful ten year old brother, dead. Deceased. Gone. No more. And there was nothing I could do about it.

They led me away from that hallway. I never looked back. I couldn’t stand to look at him again. I had him cremated. His ashes spread over the woods he once played in. Lisa’s trial was scheduled to begin not long after. Detective Jane helped me sell stuff, and let me move in with her. She adopted me as soon as my mom had her parental rights revoked. We all knew she’d be found guilty. The prosecutor only lost one case, and said his second wouldn’t be this one. I was going to go to school to be a homicide detective.

After Lisa was sentenced to live life in a mental institution, I determined to help any children that may be abused, hurt, or abandoned. I never wanted anyone to go through what I did. And every Saturday, I would go to the woods, and tell my brother how much I loved him, and I would see him one day soon. Even once I thought I heard him say he loved me too.

He was abducted, murdered. Now, he’s my angel. I feel him everywhere I go, and, anytime I’m feeling down, I picture his smile. And I too smile.


© 2011 Eli Blayze

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Eli Blayze
If you've read this, leave a short review at the least.
I had sooo much fun writing this. I hope you all enjoyed reading it (:

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Truth from within fiction? I think there's lights on in that head labeled Syx.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I loved the ending. It's so sad that he's actually dead. I kept hoping that he'd be alive, that they were lieing. Really good story! I loved reading it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

That was a very beautiful and sad story. You did really well at making me feel the emotion Caitlin felt. Thank you for sharing this great story with everyone.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Penned beautifully. I enjoyed reading it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I love this! The end made me cry. I felt her pain, and I had to check to see if my brother was alive. Great work!:)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Eli Blayze

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A Story by Eli Blayze

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A Story by Eli Blayze

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