A Story by Katie B

Simone is a young woman living in France during World War II. This is a story using subtext



Simone wandered up and down the streets looking for a place to stay. She has not had a roof over her head or a solid meal since she fled from her home in Paris. Her eyes came upon a nearby river where for the umpteenth time she used the water to scrub away dirt unseen. Unsuccessful at her bath, the cold night’s air wrapped around her making her shiver and she pulled her shawl even tighter around her. Simone kept on walking hoping to find somewhere to sleep. Thinking she was going to be spending another night under the stars, she unwittingly came across Le Parisiene youth hostel.  

Simone walked in and was relieved to feel the heat radiate around her. The artificial light was startling after spending many days outside. Simone felt a masculine hand on her shoulder which caused her to jump and back herself against the wall. Her eyes were wide with fear. The gentleman put his hands up in defense.

“Mademoiselle, I did not mean to startle you. I am Andre. I own and operate Le Parisiene. If you come with me we will find you a room,” replied the man with concern. He attempted to take her by the arm but she reacted viciously and scratched his hand. The man stepped back in surprise. He took in her ragged appearance and the hallow look in her eyes.

“Gabrielle,” Andre called out, “I need you.”  

Gabrielle appeared and took one look at Simone and the scratches that adorned her husband’s hand.  A look of understanding passed between her eyes.

“Don’t worry I will take care of her,” Gabrielle said softly. She went to Simone’s side and gently led her further into the youth hostel.

Simone eyes darted around at all the people that were congregated in the main room. Gabrielle just steered her past and took her into the bathroom where she drew Simone a hot bath. Simone just stared at the water, frozen and lost in her thoughts. Gabrielle tried to take off Simone’s shawl but was greeted with the same violent act that Andre got. Gabrielle left the room, closing the door behind her. Simone took off all her clothes and started inspecting her body. There were deep bruise marks around her breasts, arms, and inner thighs. Simone stepped into the tub and started scrubbing her skin roughly.

One hour later, Gabrielle realized that she had no seen Simone come out of the bathroom. She went up to the door and knocked on it softly. Gabrielle received no response. Fearing the worse, she opened the door and stepped inside. Simone was still sitting in the water which was no longer warm. Her skin was a bright shade of red with raw, bloody spots over her breasts. Simone was just sitting in the tub rocking back and forth, mumbling to herself. Gabrielle stepped closer to hear what she was saying.

“Nazi,” she said, over and over again.


© 2008 Katie B

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A chilling story. I like it, it conveys a lot without saying too much. The ending leaves much to imagine. I like reading fiction that doesn't need useless elaboration to make a point. Well written, as well. Hope to read more of your stories!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Oh my gawsh. I really liked this story. Again, it was very painful to read, but I think thats the effect you were getting at. At first I didn't understand why Simone was being so violent when people were warming up to her and offering her help. The end for sure captured all of it. This is so sad but I loved it, again, its going into my favorites. I just love your stuff!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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