Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Trevor

An arms deal goes wrong.

Chapter One Draft 2
Page 1
Open inside an abandoned home. In the kitchen area, a single bulb dangling from the ceiling, flickering. There are marks on the floors and walls of pictures and furniture that used to take up the house. By the sink in the kitchen is a young man (it’s our boy Byross), hunched over, arms bracing the counter. He’s gonna be sick.

Byross lurches back.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand he pukes in the sink.

He starts picking himself back up, composure and whatnot.
Byross: “Unnh. What? No, yeah, I’m fine.”

The door at the front of the home is clicking open, drawing By’s attention.
Byross (whisper): “Showtime.”

Page 2
Three men enter the kitchen, and table sitting longways between them and Byross. The man in the center is Kal’fa, bald and dressed in leather (not completely but, y’know, noticeably). He’s a little gruff. Stubble, some scars on his face, etc. The other two men are just hired thugs, draw them as you please.
Byross: “Kal’fa. You’re late.”

Kal’fa places the case on the table.
One of Kal’fa’s guys (Whisper): “Why does he sound so different from the other citizens?”
Other guy (Whisper): “Because he works in the Palace, you vaglon!”
Kal’fa: “Wanted to make sure we weren’t being tailed. You wanted us to err on the side of caution, didn’t you?”
Byross: “Yes, I did. But I’m going to need to be back in the Palace within the hour. You keep wasting my time and we risk getting exposed. And trust me, you’ll have a hard time finding anyone else to smuggle you out of Hermiphia.”

Kal’fa clicks the case open.
Kal’fa: “Alright! I’m sorry. Let’s just get this done as quickly as possible.”
Byross: “A wonderful Idea.”

Case opens to show a single assault weapon, divided into pieces. Along with the rifle are six different cases of unique bullets.
Kal’fa: “This is the MX9, most advanced hardware on the market. Capable of firing six different variations of a 7.62mm x 51mm bullet. It can--”

Cut to Byross, a little frustratedly asking about the gun.
Byross: “Is that all you brought?”

Page 3
Kal’fa, offended, begins assembling the gun.
Kal’fa: “Of course, not! I’ve several more wares to sell to you. I’m not going to bring them all here at once, like some vaglon!”
Byross: “I’m not sure of the translation, but I’m sure that means something degrading.”
Kal’fa: “...You’ve never done something like this before, have you?”

Kal’fa continues assembling the rifle.
Byross: “Eh...admittedly, no. I haven’t.
Kal’fa: “Oh, Demorn. You’re lucky I am a desperate man.”
Byross: “You’re lucky I’m willing to even agree to this trade.”

Rifle complete.
Kal’fa: “I have to say, I’m curious; what could you want with my wares? From what I’ve heard, the Palace hasn’t policed the streets in years.”
Byross: “That’s none of your damn business what our government wants. Show me the arms so we can conclude our transaction.”

Kal’fa loads the magazine with some bullets from one of the cases.
Kal’fa: “Fine.”

Snap the magazine in.

Toss the gun to Byross.
Kal’fa: “Here.”

He catches it awkwardly.

Page 4
Byross weighs in the object in his hands, getting a feel for it. Kal’fa continues to speak.
Kal’fa: “The rounds in the magazine now can give off an electrical discharge similar to that of a taser. You can adjust the output from the rifle itself.”

Byross look down the sight of the gun.
Kal’fa: “You needn’t worry about charging them. Each bullet is powered by the body heat of whomever it enters and can last for months unless removed. Great for quick takedowns and interrogation.”
Byross: “Hmmm.”

Byross lowers the gun, clearly interested in the product. 
Byross: “What other kinds of ammunition is available for this model?”

Kal’fa holds up one of the ammo cases.
Kal’fa: “Of course we have standard ammunition, quick and easy. For something a little more...bombastic, we have explosive tipped casings. Very expensive on the black market.”

Kal’fa: “Tracer bullets. Rather obvious what they do. Rubber bullet for crowd control. And a personal favorite of mine, the smoke bullet. Very hard to get a hold of. Great for quick retreats and misdirections.”

Byross looks over the cases Kal’fa has lain out. 
Byross: “Oh, you crazy La’Shrakan b*****d. If your other wares are anywhere up to this standard, I believe we’ll have a deal.”

Page 5
Kal’fa extends his hand to get the rifle back from Byross.
Kal’fa: “Alright, I’ll set up a drop for the rest of the weapons--”

Front door of the house blows the f**k in. Like, an explosion. Just so we’re clear.

The two guys Kal’fa walked in with get shot down. Kal’fa reacts quickly, flipping the table over and using it for cover.
Kal’fa: “Sphur!”
Byross: “What the s**t!? I thought you weren’t tailed!”

Kal’fa draws a pistol and yells at Byross while they’re both behind the table. Byross readies his new rifle.
Kal’fa: “I f*****g wasn’t!”

Royal Guards enter the room, having just dispatched Kal’fa’s boys.
Royal Guards: “You are under arrest in the name of King Ned for illegal immigration and arms trafficking!”

Page 6
Kal’fa produces a flash and a smoke grenade from his coat.

He throws the flash grenade out to the guards.
Byross: “What the hell are they doing here!?”

Flash goes off. Kal’fa throws the smoke grenade. 
Kal’fa: “Shut up and run!”

Kal’fa makes his way past the disoriented guards.

Byross snatches up the case as he makes his escape.

Page 7
Byross runs out of the blown out apartment door, out of the smoke. The apartment itself is actually below ground, with a stairway leading down. Above the apartment is actually a park, covered in grass and trees and monuments and all that jazz. Walkways to the park seperate other apartments lining this side of the park, next to a street. Across the street are buildings and such that are actually above ground and junk, spaces and alleys between them. Just wanted to provide some context.

Byross looks around for Kal’fa while a crowd has gathered to survey the scene.
Crowd: “The hell’s going on?” “Hear an explosion?” “Is that him?” “You see the Royal Guards?” “S**t’s going crazy.”

Kal’fa calls to Byross from an alley-way.
Kal’fa: “C’mon! This way!”

Byross pushes his way through the crowd, a few of them freaking out about the gun.
Crowd: “Oh, S**t!” “Is that a gun?” “I’ve seen him before!” 

Page 8
The guys are resting in an alley hiding behind dumpsters and s**t. Byross is on the ground sitting, his back on the wall. Kal’fa is sitting opposite him.
Kal’fa: “*Pant* *pant* I think we *pant* have lost them. *Pant*”
Byross: “Yeah. *pant* Great to hear. *pant*””

Kal’fa perks his head up, confusion on his face.
Kal’fa: “...What happened to your accent?”
Byross: “Ah...

Byross sort of loses his composure
Byross: “...F**k.”

Kal’fa begins to rise, determined and angry.
Kal’fa: “You...You don’t work in the Palace! You were never going to get me out! You lied to me!”
Byross: “Ok, yeah, that’s definitely true! But I was going to get you out! Honestly!”

Holy s**t, he’s gonna beat him up!
Kal’fa: “My men are dead because of you!”

Page 9
Byross shoots Kal’fa in the shoulder.

Kal’fa is currently in shock.

Byross grabs the dial on the side of the gun. He has an apologetic look on his face.
Byross: “I’m sorry.”

Kal’fa gets the s**t shocked out of him.
Kal’fa: “GUAAAHHH!!!”

Kal’fa falls to a heap on the ground. Byross remains seated, soaking in what just happened.

Page 10
Byross talks into his earpiece, still kinda freakin’ out.
Earpiece (Vor): “Uh, Byross? I just heard what I believe was a death scream. You ok?”
Byross: “Yeah. I, uh, I shot him.”
Vor: “What!?”
Byross: “And electrocuted him.”
Vor: “Oh, sweet s**t dude!”

Byross gets up, shouting into his earpiece.
Byross: “No! No, this is not ok, Vor!” 
Vor: “Ok! F**k, I don’t need anymore screaming in my ear! Can you bring bring him here? We still don’t know where the rest of the guns are.”

Byross looks to the gun and the case on the ground.
Byross: “Not without leaving the merchandise behind.”
Vor: “Alright. Uh...Ok, Jess is on her way to help you out. Where are you?”

Byross pokes his head out of the alley to get his bearings. 
Byross: “Uh...I’m in an alley by the old Jenner building.”
Vor: “Ok, she’ll be there soon. Try not to kill the guy before she gets there, yeah?”

Byross sits down next to Kal’fa’s heap.
Byross: “I’ll do my best.”

Page 11
The door to Vor’s place, closed.

Door bursts open with Byross carrying Kal’fa, fireman style.
Byross: “Ho! Ly! S**t! This guy is heavy!”

Jess walks in behind him. She’s got short brown hair, a jacket, and some cargo shorts on. She’s resting the rifle casually on her shoulder.
Jess: “C’mon, you p***y. Get him on the chair.”

Vor is at his workstation, surrounded by monitors and computers and such.
Vor: “You running him ragged, Jess?”
Jess: “You know it!”

Byross struggles to put the limp Kal’fa into the chair in the corner of the room.
Byross: “You both suck.”
Jess: “You know you love it.”

Page 12
Byross: “You got anything to tie him up with?”
Vor: “Uh...does he have anything on him you can use?”
Byross: “Why would he?”
Vor: “What, he packs heat and smoke grenades but a pair of handcuffs is a stretch?”

Byross ruffles through Kal’fa’s jacket.

He finds the handcuffs.
Byross: “Huh.”
Vor: “Thought so.”

Byross cuffs up Kal’fa. 
Jess: “Great job, team!”
Vor: “Yeah. About that. By, you and fatass over there had your meeting interrupted by Royal Guards, right?”

Byross: “Yeah.” 
Jess: “Why the hell were they there? I can’t even remember the last time I saw them in the city.”
Byross: "They'll get of their asses if it's an immigration issue."

Vor: “I’m more concerned with how you managed to get away from them.”
Byross: “We just sorta lost ‘em in the alleys.”
Vor: “That’s it? You should not be here right now.”

Page 13
Byross makes his way to Vor’s monitors.
Vor: “Cause look, Kal’s flash bang and smoke could definitely disoriented them, and if they were anyone else I wouldn’t question it, but the-the f*****g Royal Guards are decked the f**k out in gear!”

Vor pulls up images of military hardware and weapons.
Vor: “I’m talking sonar, motion, and thermal sensors all built into their helmets. And all this s**t is experimentally intense. Their thermal can detect heat through goddamn concrete. There is, literally, no reason they shouldn’t have caught you and your new friend.”

Jess: “They couldn’t have just gotten lucky?”
Vor: “They’d be pretty f****n’ lucky, Jess.”
Byross: “I appreciate the vote of confidence. Just to be sure, you wanna check the cameras outside? See if they followed me?”
Vor: “Uh...they did not.”
Jess: “Oh, look at that. I was right.”

Kal’fa begins to stir, drawing everyone’s attention.
Kal’fa: “Nnnggg...”

Jess hands the rifle over to Vor.
Vor: “Jess, would you be a dear and watch the monitors? By and I need to get this s**t underway.”
Jess: “Try not to have too much fun.”
Vor: “Oh, you.”
Jess: “I’m serious.”

Page 14
Byross starts pulling a chair near Kal’fa, Vor swaggers on over with his gun.
Vor: “Alrighty, then...Sir, my associate and I are going to ask you some questions and you will then answer those questions, it’s only polite.”

Vor takes Byross’ chair away and plants his a*s in it.
Byross: “Oh, c’mon.”
Vor: “If you do not wish to answer our questions, I will take pleasure in activating the bullet still lodged in your shoulder. Does that sound acceptable, my friend?”

Kal’fa does his best to spit at his captures, only to miss and hit the floor.

Kal’fa has a bit of an outburst.
Kal’fa: “You piece of s***s! They’re dead! My money is gone and Vas and Deg are dead! I’ll kill you! I’ll f*****g--”

Vor dials up the electricity in the gun. Kal’fa does not appreciate it.
Kal’fa: “AAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!!”

Vor lets up.
Byross: “Vor!”
Vor: “What? He was freaking the hell out.”
Byross: “Yeah, I mean, I saw that least dial it down a bit, we don't want him unconscious again.”
Vor: “Fine.”
Kal’fa: “Unngghh...Kill you....”

Page 15
Vor: “Ok buddy, first question--”
Kal’fa: “Why?”
Vor: “Sorry?”
Kal’fa: “Why did you lie to us? Masquerade as officials?”
Vor: “Buddy, you don't get to ask s**t--”
Byross: “So, you would sell us your guns.”
Vor: “Don’t answer him, you’re giving him the power!”
Byross: “...what?”

Vor: “We’re in charge! Don’t let him think otherwise! Now, question one: Why are you in Hermiphia?”

Kal’fa gives Vor a hard look.

Vor gets ready to amp up the juice.

Kal’fa hangs his head in defeat.
Kal’fa: “*sigh* We’ve been selling weapons to gangs in this city for years. Since Ned started his reign. Payments stopped coming in. Vas, Deg, and I came from La’Shrak to see why.”
Vor: “And now you know.”
Kal’fa: “Yes. Now I know it was you piece of s***s disposing of our clients.”

Vor: “Actually it’s ‘pieces of s**t’. I’m surprised by how good your Arulian is.”
Byross: “Why do you want to get out of the city, now?”
Kal’fa: “So you...pieces of s**t...wouldn’t get us too. Unfortunately, we learned getting in is easier than getting out.”
Vor: “I’m with him on this one. Our immigration laws suck.”

Page 16
Vor: “Alright, final question: where are the rest of your guns? We need to make sure that crap doesn’t get on the streets.”
Byross: “Tell us where and we will get you out of the city.”

Kal’fa perks up.
Kal’fa: “You can guarantee this? I will leave?”

Byross: “Yes. We were planning on doing that anyway.”
Vor: “Before he royally blew his cover.”
Byross: “Shut up.”

Kal’fa: “But you can get me out? With no trouble?”

Vor: “Well....we can definitely get you out of the city.”
Byross: “The ‘no trouble’ bit depends on you.”

Kal’fa: “...Alright. Alright, the weapons are under the overpass by Folth Street. In a storage locker. Number 17."
Byross: “Thank you. Once, we get everything over here, we’ll start planning your escape.”

Page 17
Byross and Vor walk back over to the computer screens, Kal’fa wants out of his chair.
Kal’fa: “Are you going to untie me?”
Vor: “ Not yet. Leverage and whatnot.”
Byross: “I don’t think that means what you think it does.”
Vor: “Whatever.”

Back at the monitors with Jess.
Vor: “Alright, so now we got where the guns are. Jess, could you--”
Jess: “Already put it in the map and it sent it out.”
Vor: “Look at you, being all useful and stuff.”
Jess: “F**k you.”

Vor takes over monitor duty from Jess.
Byross: “Jess, you wanna head over and help get the guns?”
Jess: “Sure, babe.”
Vor: “Oh, you guys can take a break if you want.”

Byross: “You don’t want us to help out?”
Vor: “I mean, you can, but you’ve already done a lot today. You two can go out on the town, Fae and Dany can get things done.”
Jess: “Cool, man. Thanks.”

Vor: “Don’t mention it. Now get on out of here, you crazy kids!”
Jess: “Alright, we get it. You want us gone.”
Vor: “Oh, good. I thought I was being too subtle for a minute.”

Page 18
Jessik and Byross walk out. 
Jess: “Ok, it’s almost dinner time. You wanna eat out somewhere?”
Byross: “Not really. Kinda think I should lay low for a little bit. I was just involved in a botched arms deal and subsequent raid by the Guards.”
Jess: “Understandable.”

Byross: "Dinner at my place?"
Jess: "Well...will Joll be there?"
Byross: "Not unless I've learned how to cook."

Jess: "Ugh. Your brother drives me up the wall. He never shuts up about how he 'disapproves' of what we do."
Byross: "I don't think he disapproves per se--"

Jess: "By, he is constantly shitting on you, me, everyone! I mean, it's not like we risk our lives to help people or even--"
Byross: "Ok. You win. You don't have to come over."
Jess: "My tantrum worked?"
Byross: "*sigh* Yes."
Jess: "Yay!"

Byross: "Guess I'll just go shat on by myself."
Jess: "You'll get over it."
Byross: "Man, you're awful."
Jess: "You love it."
Byross: "Unfortunately." 

The two come closer together as they walk.
Jess: "I'll at least walk you home."
Byross: "So generous."
Jess: "Shut up."

Page 19
The two now arrive at Byross' apartment building.
Byross: "Alright, I'll be seeing you later."
Jess: "Ok, babe."

KISS, B*****S!!

Jess walks away.
Jess: "Have fun."
Byross: "I'll do that."

Byross gets to his apartment door.

He places his hand on a scanner lock.

He enters the apartment, taking his jacket off.
Byross: "Honey, I'm home!"
Joll: "Not funny."

Page 20
Byross throws his jacket on the couches he walks to the table. Joll is still preparing food in the kitchen.
Byross: "What's with you? Bad day at the office?"
Joll: "No, not particularly. My shift ended before a big story broke about some raid downtown."

Byross sits down at the table.
Byross: "Really?"
Joll: "Yeah, but like I said, my shift ended and I got the hell out of there."

Joll walks over to the table carrying food.
Joll: "So that's my day."

Joll sits down at the table with Byross.
Joll: "Anything fun happen for you?"

Byross begins to take a bite of his food.
Byross: "Uh...not particularly, no."
Joll: "Hmm. Royal Guards not as exciting as they sound?"

Awkward silence as Byross chews his food.

Byross: "Nope."

Page 21
Joll bangs his hand on the table in anger. Byross raises his hands in defense.
Joll: "I f*****g knew it."
Byross: "Ok, yes. I was there.  And yes,  there was a... minor skirmish."

Joll: "Minor-- The Royals were there! La’Shrakan thugs were there! People are dead and you want to call this a minor skirmish!?"
Byross: "Ok, first of all,  none of that was even supposed to happen! We were gonna get their guns and get them out of the city! Second, everything was going fine until the Royals showed up and honestly how could I could I have seen that coming!?"

Joll: "Sorry, I guess I assumed your little group would take more precautions in their gang war."
Byross: "It's not a--"
Joll: "Keep telling yourself that."
Byross: "Look, I don't need s**t from you right now. Ok? F**k, Jess was right."
Joll: "Oh? Your girlfriend has a strong opinion of me? How surprising."
Byross: "Hey, we help people. We risk our lives for this. What do you do? You talk about what we do in front of a camera."

Joll: "What I do pays for this apartment, the locks on the front door of said apartment, your clothes, and the food you're currently enjoying."
Byross: "...enjoy is a strong word." 

Joll raises his eyebrows to Byross' statement. 

Both brothers start chuckling. 
Joll: "Pffffftthehehehe!!"
Byross: "Uheh. Heheheheheh!"

With the tension gone, they begin some more friendly conversation. 
Joll: "Heheheheh! Heh. Alright. The lecture is to be continued."
Byross: "Can't wait.  Anything good on TV?"

Page 22
Joll gets up and grabs the remote from the ledge.
Joll: "Uh, the games should wrapping up soon. We can catch the end."
Byross: "You mean you can catch the the end."

He turns the TV on. 
Joll: "Not my fault you don't watch sports."
Byross: "It's sports fault for not being interesting."

Joll keeps his eye on the TV as he eats. Byross isn't very entertained. 
Joll: "Sure."
TV: "We mentioned earlier how poorly Vera seemed to be managing her hydration and that is definitely costing her at this stage of the competitio --"

The games have been interrupted by a news broadcast. Joll is not the least bit happy.
TV: "We apologize for the interruption to bring you a developing story."
Joll: "Oh, come the f**k on! There's at least ten minutes left!"
Byross: "Isn't this the network you newscast for?"
Joll: "Thank you so much for the irony."
Byross: "My pleasure."

The TV's message shuts them up. 
TV: "A large group of men and women armed with enhanced automatic weaponry has opened fire on crowds in Deltan park during the weekly public address by the Palace. Attempts to contain the violence by on site Guards appear to have failed and there is no word on when our even if backup is on its way."
Byross: "......oh, f**k."

Page 23
Joll springs up out of his seat, knocking it over. Byross is still in shock. 
Joll: "I gotta...I gotta make a call."
TV: "As of now we do not know of any casualties or injuries but we will keep you updated on any information we obtain."
Byross: "Yeah...I uh..."

Joll gets to the phone on the wall and Byross gets a call on his mobile. 
Joll: "Call Bets. Work phone."
TV: "We advise all citizens to remain indoors and, if possible, arm themselves."
Byross: "Oh, s**t. Vor’s calling."

Byross gets out of his seat and rushes toward the door. Joll looks at the phone in his hand, confused. 
Joll: "The hell...? The lines dead." 
Byross: "Told you to buy a cell. Not you, Vor. Yeah, I saw it. I'm heading out."

Joll becomes concerned. Byross grabs his jacket from the couch. 
Joll: "Where d'you think you're going!? It's turning into a war zone out there!"
Byross: "Yeah, and we're the ones who're gonna keep it from getting any worse!"

Byross gets out of the apartment. Joll is left standing alone between the kitchen and living room. 

Joll: "Be careful, little brother."

Page 24
Byross presses his palms against his forehead. 
Byross: "F**k f**k f**k f**k f*****g s**t is fucked"

Byross begins his descent down the stairs, pushing his arm into his jacket sleeve. 
Byross: "No, I'm still here."
Vor: "Good. You and Jess are closest to this whole catastrophe. She's got a sniper rifle with her, you got anything?"
Byross: "Uh, no. Not on me."
Vor: "Alright, play spotter until we get there. We'll bring you some of the new toys."

Byross gets out of the apartment building onto an empty street.
Byross: "Yeah, ok, alright. Make sure everyone is high up. We can try to draw fire away from the crowds."
Vor: "Good call. The rest of the gang is at least ten minutes out, but I sent you and Jess a spot overlooking the park. Good luck, buddy."

Byross hangs up the phone, shoving it into his jacket pocket.
Byross: "It's gonna be fine. We're gonna do this."

Byross runs down some alleys.
Byross: "Just breathe. Breathe and you'll be fine."

Byross continues running while calming himself. 
Byross: "It won't be an act. It'll be you. Not some d****e from the Palace, you."

Byross: "*sigh* Just breathe."

Page 25
Byross makes his way to the roof of a building via a fire escape. Jess is there setting up shop with her rifle.
Jess: "You got here quick. The otherguys are still aboutfive minutes away. C'mon, let's get in position."
Byross: "Sure. Yeah."

Jess attaches the bipod onto her rifle and extends the legs. 
Jess: "You ok?"

He's obviously a little distressed. 
Byross: "No. But I'll get over it."

Jess: "You're being brave, baby."
Byross: "Thanks. Let's get to saving some....

Confusion colors both of their faces. 
Byross: "Shouldn't we be hearing gunshots?"

The two share a look of realization. 

Jess looks down her scope while Byross looks into his binoculars. 

Page 26
Through Byross' binoculars, we see men and women on a stage dressed in a more modern variation of the Roam Guard uniform we saw earlier. An official is at a podium, addressing the cheering crowd.
Jess: "The hell’s going on?"

Back to the rooftop.
Byross: "I have no idea. Everything's fine, though."

Byross reaches in his pocket for his phone. 
Byross: "I'm gonna need to call Vor."

Byross receives a kick to the head. Jess is, needles to say, a little surprised. 

Jess looks back only to get a round house to the face. 

We see over a figures shoulder at the two on the rooftop, reeling from the blows taken.

Page 27
The figure leans down and picks up the rifle. Byross' call seems to have connected. 
Vor: "Byross? By, Dany is making his way up the tower in the park. You guys holding out ok?"

The figure seen looks an down the scope of the rifle.
Vor: "You there? Jess? Is he ok? Did you a*s dial me?"

He fires a single shot.

The figure puts the rifle down back where he found it.
Dany: "By, it's Dany. You guys are taking some major fire from down there. I'm gonna get 'em while they're distracted."

The figure couches down next to Byross. 
Dany: "S**t, they are organized. They're coming up the building!"

He carefully places a hand on By's head.
Dany: "Did you hear me!? They're coming right for you!! Get gone, now!!"

Page 28
The figure strokes Byross' head while gunfire is exchanged in the street below. 
Figure: "Keep up the good f****n' work, man."

End Chapter One

© 2014 Trevor

Author's Note

This is a script for a comic, so any pointers in terms of pacing or plot is always appreciated.

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