Midday Sun: Chapter One

Midday Sun: Chapter One

A Chapter by Summer Windton



I was in a bad mood. Nope, a bad mood is the understatement of the century. I was in more than a bad mood.

     My parents are making me go to school. High school, to make my story sound a little more heartbreaking. High school is not my idea of a good time. Forks High School, no kidding. Since I am half-human, mom (aka Bella Swan-Cullen) wanted me to go to high school and have a “normal human experience” and blah blah blah. My father was indifferent, not caring whether I went or not. Technically, I’ve already finished college (my accelerated brain) but I have the body of an average fifteen-year-old girl. So… high school it is.

     It’s strange to think that my mother and father just graduated Forks High several years ago. The freshmen that they went to school with are now seniors. Yep, vampire life. Vampire life is complicated, believe you me.

     I’m Renesmee Carlie Cullen, a proud Cullen. Of course, people were suspicious that my last name was Cullen so I had to make up a story. I’m good at that.

     “Cullen you say?” my first period tenth grade biology teacher said.

     I nodded. “Yep. That’s it.” I threw him a quick smile, going over the story Edward told me to tell (yeah, he told me to lie). I added several things in there, making it interesting.

     He looked at me from over the rims of his steel rectangular glasses. “Say, you happen to be related to Edward and Alice Cullen?”

     I pretended to be shocked (did I tell you I’m an accomplished actress too?)

     “You don’t say,” I said. “Those are my cousins. I’ve moved in with them for the school year. Things were rough back at home.”  

     “Oh.” He nodded. “Gosh, you look like Edward. He and Alice were my top students a couple years back. How are they?”

     “Fine and healthy.” I smiled sweetly. Keep it short.

     He nodded. “That’s good.” He extended a hand, turning to the class. “Everyone, this is Renesmee and she’s from, from…” He looked over at me desperately.

     “Portland, Oregon,” I whispered into his ear.

   “…Portland, Oregon! Make her feel welcome.”

     Only a few people muttered hello as I made my way through the rows of desk, sitting in the far back, but nearly every girl and boy had their eyes on me. I set my things on the floor and properly and gracefully sat in the desk, looking around.

     Of course I was beautiful. Not as beautiful as Rosalie but I was beautiful enough. My waist-long chestnut hair was tied in a braid, flowing like water down my back. I was pale, not as pale as Bella and Edward, but pale. My green eyes were set high, my cheeks remained rosy pink, and my pearly white teeth always gleamed (no braces necessary). I wasn’t very tall. Only 5’5 and curvy but not fat. Most people said I was the perfect size.

     “Go over the material on pages five through seven,” the teacher"Mr. Duncan I think?"said, writing something on the board.

     I didn’t have a book but I would probably know all the information. I could go home and tell Edward how much I knew the material and how silly it was of them to put me in high school. Of course, he’d laugh but Bella would throw me in advanced classes for seniors probably. Moms.

     “You don’t have a book,” a boy said next to me. His shiny black hair swept into his sky blue eyes. His skin was the color of mines almost. He wore a tight black T-shirt, a leather jacket, black skinny jeans and converse sneakers. His lip was pierced.

     “Yeah, I know. I’ll be alright. I’m sure the teacher will understand.” I smiled.

     He smiled back; obviously pleased he had talked to me. I felt as if he was more concerned on something else besides my lack of a book.

     “Yeah, he’s a softie.” He looked at the teacher, who had his back turned, writing stuff on the board. The boy extended his hand. “I’m Luke. Luke Ainsworth.”

     I shook his head. “Hi Luke. Call me Nessie.”

     “Nessie?” He smirked playfully. “Like the Loch Ness Monster?”

     I laughed at the thought. I liked this kid. “Yeah, like the Loch Ness Monster.” I smiled at him and then turned around in my desk. Out of my peripheral vision I saw him still staring at me in awe. This was gonna be on heck of a school year.

© 2011 Summer Windton

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Summer Windton
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Summer Windton

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