The other side

The other side

A Poem by sweta'karman'

But I always want you to have my shadow far enough to land you through


Life has been parted into ages, every age with its own thinking and levels of maturity whose language is often unheard or misunderstood. The reasons might be the face-lifting experiences in own life, tendency not to be odd among people, possessive nature that defaces into an imposed obligation and in many cases societal fossilized thinking that closes all the doors that may lead to any kind of change or acceptance. Human propensity not to accept the fact that he might be wrong, never allows him to breathe in the magical freshness of change that brings positive results with it. Such resilience appears on the skin of every age that is coiled with gossamer of endless references and creates the gap. A little listening and little more thinking over any issue helps in bridging the gap. The poem in this context hence has tried to unleash the doubts of one of the most delicate relations between a father and his son.




When youth is in all its glory,

When I am ready to live my own story,

Why do you fret that I may fail?

Why do you think my efforts are stale?


I have my own mind to fit in,

My own eyes to see.

When you put your veil in front,

Tell me, how would I feel free?


I sometimes doubt your trust,

Your faith that you put in me.

Cause I know you are the strongest roots

Of which I have grown as a tree.


I still remember all the lessons,

That you taught with a zeal to me.

I just want to add a little more,

With whatever I happen to see.


I fear to say that you are wrong,

Sometimes whenever I feel.

It’s just that I feel bit different,

And find some truths within.


Let me take out my hands

Crossed with yours till now.

To see this world and walk around

To find my path unbound.



I will be happy if you are

And same do I want from you.

Without any if’s and but’s

Your heart is where you ought to go through.





I will start from where you ended

And will open my heart today

That has fractals in the same line

In the same helpless way.


If I am the root and you are the tree

Tell me how can I ever let you free?

If truth lies only in what is seen,

Wouldn’t it be harder dear, to keep you green?


The fears of mine you referred to

Might keep your hands tied.

Those only prevail cause I could see

My own reflection, living my life.



Stories repeat defeating the time

Where I was once, today you stand.

I just want you to peep through it

Where lays a fertile promising land.


I have a strange thing to grouse,

That I am old enough to expiate.

But I want you to be all right

Before you deplore, before it’s late.


It’s not you that I doubt

It’s the life that I have already seen

Foresights are bad today I feel

Cause your doubts are quite umpteen.


I know I would not walk with you

Forever in life wherever you go.

But I always want you to have my shadow

Far enough to land you through.


It’s not fair at all

To expect from any age,

For it seeks what it has seen.

Albeit it’s true that sooner or later,

You will be a father with your teen.

With same sort of puzzles to solve

And similar issues to evolve.

If you feel anytime something can break

Talk to your son whatever it takes.

I am sure that you’ll be light again

The moment you strike a bargain.

Since every story has another side,

The way we are trying to take that ride.

One thing I promise I won’t let you fall,

Even when you want to drive alone.

I might not be right everytime

But promise me dear,

 Our poem shall always rhyme.












© 2012 sweta'karman'

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just gave a thought...

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Added on December 5, 2012
Last Updated on December 5, 2012



kanpur, India

I am a writer,who writes and writes and go on writing till the end for two specific reasons:first to placate my inner being who is also a writer and second to go back in times whose moments are frozen.. more..