Guess What I Realized?

Guess What I Realized?

A Story by siri


I was awake and I had no idea where I was. I must have drank a little to much last night. I felt perfectly fine though no hang over. In fact I couldn’t feel anything at all. I was completely numb. Where was I? I raised my head expecting pain to shoot through my body as if I had gotten electrocuted or something. Still I was completely numb.  I almost had no idea I was laying down. But that would be quite ridicules seeing as my point of view of the world was upside down. When I raised my head I saw a river. Hmmm it seems like I was laying on the river bank for some reason. I decided to get up and take a little walk try to figure this all out.
 I started walking away from the river and started thinking. The thinking process did not go as well as I planned. I could remember absolutely nothing at all. Only waking up by the side of a river and realizing that is not where I should be. Damn it!!! I was quite frustrated! I could not even remember my name. I know that I am important though. I just have no idea why or how I was so important. I needed to go home. I needed to be in a familiar place to think. I only had one problem. I really had no idea where my home is.
I walked aimlessly for hours hoping something; anything would trigger something in my memory. With no luck I decided it was about time to go anywhere. Since I had no idea where to go I decided on a pub that I could visibly see about a block or two ahead of me. When I got to the pub a man was walking out the door and I slipped inside before the door closed.
Inside the bar it was very busy. It sounded like any busy public place, a mixture of every single conversation in the building. I found my way to a bar stool and sat down. As I waited to be served I analyzed everything I could. The four pool tables were busy being used. There were people constantly moving around dancing here and there. The air smelt like stale alcohol. I just realized I must look like crap. I have not taken a shower brushed my teeth. I then thought it be a good idea to take a look at myself in the mirror, after I received my drink of course.
I had been waiting close to ten minutes and still had not been served.  The men to either side of me had both been served but the f*****g barista never even paid attention to me. Okay I decided to screw the drink. As I got off the stool a man went flying into it and crashed to the floor. A fight broke out it was pretty interesting I must admit. So I fallowed it outside as they were kicked out of the place. I finished watching the s**t get beaten out of this ugly middle aged man.
I suddenly thought of a brilliant idea and felt completely stupid I hadn’t thought of it earlier. I checked my pockets and found my drivers license. My name was Karen Warren and my address read 5500 Cedar Avenue. I guess I knew where my next destination was. I started to go from point A to point B.
When I got to my house all the lights were on. I tried to get in the front door but it would not open. I walked around the house to see if there was another way in. The back door was open with the screen door shut. I walked inside and looked for the person obviously in my home possible my husband. I walked through the kitchen into the living room. I couldn’t find him anywhere downstairs so I started up the stairs.
When I got to the second floor I understood immediately what was happening from the noises I heard. Some one was f*****g in my house. I fallowed the sounds to my room to see my husband f*****g what looked like just a girl. I screamed at the top of my lungs and neither of them paid attention to me. I walked over to them and pushed my cheating husbands shoulder as hard as I could. All he did was look at his shoulder really fast and then went right back to f*****g his brains out. I left them and found my way to the bathroom. It had blood stains embedded into the ceramic bathtub and all over the floor. Why was there blood all over my damn bathroom? I noticed myself in the mirror. I did in fact look like s**t. I was so pale and had dark circles under my eye. What happened to me? I walked out of the bathroom back into my room. They were finished and cuddling. They were f*****g cuddling in my damn f*****g bed. I over heard them talking.
“I love you!” My husband said with enthusiasm.
“I love you too.” The b***h f*****g my man said.
“You know we did it.” He said.
“I know we did…well you did thank you.” She said.
“I did it for you. We have 350 thousand dollars to start our new life.” He replied.
“Where did you put it?” She asked.
“In the river, all I need to do is bleach the bathroom.” He answered.
Right then and there I stopped listening.  I knew why there was blood all over my bathroom. I understood why I looked like s**t. I know why absolutely no one paid attention to me.
I was dead.

© 2008 siri

Author's Note

bored at work story.

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Wow that was very...interesting...
Great Job

Posted 10 Years Ago

You know..... this would make an excellent Twilight Zone episode. Great short story. Surprise ending. It held my attention and carried it through to the end, which is rare for me, sometimes my eyes cross and I fall asleep with long writes that require several brain cells- but this kept moving. You have a brilliant mind!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Very nice read. :)

Somwhat predictable, but still rather enjoyable!

Great job! =)

Posted 11 Years Ago

a wicked little story, was good. :)

you left to the end what had happened to the person in this story, though i could guess that what had happened wasn't good for her.

nice story,for you being thanks for sharing it.



Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Woah, that was sooo good!!:) I loved it!!:)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Albuquerque, NM

boom boom boom la la la la la hey you! yeah you! Im pointing at you now... ... i guess some part of me is always gonna be pointing at you...or the other person thats reading this...until of cours.. more..

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