Attention Slore

Attention Slore

A Story by Zen of Taiyo

A posting from my blog "The Zen of Taiyo" about my illicit office fantasies.


I'm a slore!  A combination of s**t and a w***e!  Thank you, Lizard Lick Towing for making that quite clear to me last night. 

I mean really, who has a major crush on three different men simultaneously? 

Don't answer that!  You may implicate yourself.

I haven't exactly slept with them...physically.  In my mind, I've shagged all three of them on numerous occasions.  The Lawyer...several times in the back seat of his sleek little Lexus.  Ay que rico! Abercrombie & the dressing room, always at Hollister.  Kinky and rebellious.  The Geek Squad...on top of his computer desk as World of Warcraft theme music plays in the background.  Woot!

Two years, no sex, and my hormones are going wild, driving me absolutely insane.  I've even taken up stalking the break room at certain times, just so I can "bump" into one of them.  Only a few minutes ago, I intentionally brushed against Geek Squad's arm reaching for the coffee cream. 

Not a lot of arm definition there, but ay que lindo, those long fingers of his could probably make me purr.  Even the way he holds his Star Wars coffee cup makes me want to throw him up against the wall and do illicit things with him while Yoda watches. 

Enjoy it, he will!

The Lawyer has walked by my desk six times already for water, the loo, his daily breakfast of egg whites and brown rice.  Each time, my eyes follow him.  Mon Dieu! I've never been so turned on by a polo shirt and khakis.  I could lick the tribal tattoos on his biceps, wrap my legs around his waist, bury my fingers in that inky mass of curls and kiss him crazy.

I should be ashamed of my thoughts about Abercrombie as he's currently seeing Naomi.  I should be, but I'm not.  I indulge in the notion of seducing him right on my cousin's couch.  She excuses herself for thirty minutes to run to the grocery for something random, like salt, asking me to keep him company while she's away. 

Of course, I will.

And as soon as her Jetta leaves the drive, I pounce.  Only he's not the least bit surprised.  He's just as hot for me and we're tearing each other's clothes off like Fatal Attraction - without the boiled bunny and the stalking.

Okay, we've already established that I'm stalking.

Calmate, mi'ja.  Deep breath.  Woo-sah. 

I need some chocolate.

© 2012 Zen of Taiyo

Author's Note

Zen of Taiyo
Please let me know of any grammar problems. Feel free to express what you fancy and not so much.

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interesting, funny, real. You ever think of jogging. With that intensity you could perhaps think of an olympic event you'd like to win. Chocolate? Doesn't that enhance ones sexual appetite? No, not chocolate.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Your story is good even though its explicit

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

You character sounds like a slore who knows what's she wants. Her thoughts are illicit and you did a good job in your character. Hoping to read another one of your story

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I love the begging line, and the end! It really set the mood, and I love the voice of the character talking. Straight to the point and believable. Wonderful! Keep writing and excellent job. You deserve 100/100. :) ~J

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Added on July 25, 2012
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Zen of Taiyo

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