A Story by john Robinson

What if.


I was sitting here on a Saturday morning watching cartoons and drinking coffee, when an odd thought entered my mind. We all know and respect our lady the statue of liberty. We are all aware that she is a beacon of hope, prosperity, and future of being free to achieve your goals. Democracy. If you think about it. Very few people of color, (especially African American), have never really benefitted from our lady of freedom. The statue of liberty and the dark community do not really have a bond. Now imagine if she was bronzes. If the figure that expressed what this country means for all who wish to come here and live their lives and fulfill their dreams, was a figure of dark color.

 What if she had the color of a black person? What would our society look like if the symbol of freedom for the United States was that of a brown person? If those who were abandoning their countries of origin due to whatever, saw a black symbol of freedom as they entered our waters? Would black people be the enemy? Would there a be a difference on how our black brothers and sisters are to be treated? Just imagine if our society was presented under the backlight of a bronze statue of liberty. Would our society think differently? One would think that because she is green, that the effect should be somewhat in that direction. Although the statue is one that signifies freedom, and a chance at the American way. Only white people have a relationship with the statue. Blacks were slaves, or at least not treated with the dignity and respect that this statue would express. This statue means nothing to the black community.  If you’re black, think about your relationship to lady liberty.

Where is the connection? African Americans had to work just as hard, if not harder than the individual that can show photos, newspaper clippings, and maybe even videos of their ancestors. My ancestors were from Nigeria, and most likely never even saw the statue of liberty. My ancestors were on slave ships and accompanied by guys with whips. Many of my ancestors even had to paddle the boat to their enslavement. Now of course the timeline is different. The emancipation proclamation was signed much earlier than the construction of the statue of liberty. Yet in my opinion. The sentiment is the same. When I think of the statue of liberty. I ask myself why. I have no relationship with this statue. I have more of a relationship with Yankee stadium. Sometimes I find it disparaging because I am a child of this country. I am a true American, so having conflicting feelings about the statue that signifies Property, and the American way of life, democracy.

This statue did not give me that, nor did it defend my ancestors the right to have it. Now I know that we live in a moment of let all confederate statues fall. Lady liberty is green and neutral. She makes an offer, and I am sure if she could talk. She would utter the words, “Black lives Matter”.  But what if she was bronze. Maybe we would not have to protest. Maybe there would be no George Floyd and all the others. because lady liberty would proudly display the fact that America is a land of all colors, creeds, religions, and we are a melting pot of human spirit.


© 2020 john Robinson

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Added on June 20, 2020
Last Updated on June 20, 2020


john Robinson
john Robinson

Jamaica, NY

I like being me,but I despise my life. It's the old saying,"if it weren't for bad luck,I would have no luck at all". Then again I did spend twenty one years in Germany after I left the army. I did tou.. more..