How it feels to write

How it feels to write

A Story by Anonymous Me

its synonymous


            I pull the clip from my hair, slowly letting it’s claws slip through my brown strands until they are free and clear from their entanglement and out in the air. My hands smooth the hair on top of my hands and down my shoulders until they find themselves hovering over the keyboard in just one moment of anticipation. The words seep out of my heavy heart and bleed into my spine where they are encrypted into neurological messages and sent out throughout my body. They pulsate through my veins and blur my vision until they finally light on my fingertips with a burst of overwhelming clarity.

Slowly, so slowly, I lower that first finger, letting it land gently on a silver key. And then the next. And then the next.  

I watch as the words fill the page on my computer screen, and I throw my head back to let the wind of the story flush past me, relishing in the sound that my wings make when I am flying.

© 2012 Anonymous Me

Author's Note

Anonymous Me
any reviews would be appreciated. sorry if its choppy or confusings

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This is great. I really liked it. And it's true too, this is how I feel when I write. Or what I do... :P

Posted 8 Years Ago

Inception. Writing a storey within a storey O.o
Sorry :D Seriously though, this is wonderful. It's as if the 'keys' you talk of are those of a piano and the storey you write is the music.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I didnt think it was confusing. I really liked the description. The first sentence I felt should be broken up but overall I liked this a lot.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Isn't that feeling that you can go anywhere and create anything a great one? Its the feeling you get when you write.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 6, 2012
Last Updated on May 6, 2012
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Anonymous Me
Anonymous Me

i have a lot of things to write here but none that I feel that you really need to know. I guess i can tell you that i love to write. It's the only time when i am truly forthcoming. I've been told that.. more..

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