A Poem by thisXgirlXcanXrawr(:

started out as an innocent girl.

who was quiet and shied away from the wrold. 

as she got older things started to change. 

she began to see the world as strange. 

bad habits started to play a role in her life. 

so sad on days she fount relief in a knife. 

began smoking weed to make things numb. 

don't know where the suicidal thoughts came from. 

she wanted out of the ditch she fell in. 

she couldn't stop what started within. 

her mind thinking she needed these things. 

didn't know what kind of addictions they bring. 

she lost all hope in this life. 

started using a razorblade, instead of a knife. 

screaming in her head, trying to make things stop.

heart so broken with all these thoughts. 

scars cover both of her arms.

wanting someone to save her from harm. 

she stopped believing in herself. 

she headed for the shelf. 

grabbed her razorblade and ran out in the cold. 

trying to kill herself, her feelings unfold. 

tears run down her face. 

as someone finds her, and holds her in an embrace. 

she apologizes wishing she never tried this. 

climbing out of this dark abyss. 

she wants to believe she can change. 

even living in this world that is strange. 

she grabs her razorblade and ponders. 

she thinks as she walks out to the dumpster. 

tosses it in and walks away.

and she'll never look back to this day. 

© 2011 thisXgirlXcanXrawr(:

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Added on February 4, 2011
Last Updated on February 4, 2011



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