The begging to the end.

The begging to the end.

A Story by I'llXloveXherXforever

Life. How easy people can snap.

A baby is born.
Her father holds her close.
She lives a long happy life.

Daddy gives her every thing, doesn't have the heart to say no.
Daughter falls in-love.
Has a long happy relation ship.
Daughter has a baby.
Holds him close.
Gets cheated on, loses the kid, gets cancer, loses the house.
Daughter asks father for a gun.
Gives her a gun.
Time goes by no one hears from her.
She has a day to live.
Her son goes missing.
Some one locks them self with their infant baby boy in the bell tower of the church with a loaded gun.
News discovers the daughter stole the baby boy.
Doesn't want him to suffer like she suffered.
She has an hour to live, clocks ticking.
She whispers to her self as she strips her and the child saying gotta leave the world as we came.
Door swings open.
Father walks in.
She pulls the gun.
He grabs it, throws it.
Grabs her and the baby.
Ten minutes on her clock.
The father could spend time yelling and lecturing.
No, father spends his time holding them looks in her eyes.
Holds her..
Till she dies.

© 2012 I'llXloveXherXforever

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Wow, those always hit me hard. Nice job, I loved the short sentences. Quick and to the point made it really easy to understand. But even though it was so simple, it definitely has a deeper meaning. I'm sure everyone will look at this different but either way, its a great meaning. Nice job

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on August 5, 2012
Last Updated on August 5, 2012




I've Been looking for a way to get out emotions other then writing in my journal because even if I wright in it its still not really letting it out. more..