A Chapter by Andy~

I know every mile will be worth my while.

When I go the distance, I'll be right where I belong.”

~I Can Go the Distance, Michael Bolton

~fifty-four years earlier~

Andromeda gasped at the sight before her �" her birthday gift for turning eight years old �" which was eighty in human years. She let her fingers smooth over the simple and beautiful designs on the oak wood, and grinned up at her dad. She couldn't believe she got what she wanted this year.

There were rumors floating around the Vel family and the Fantine family that her father was either going to give her a pink frilly dress (as suggested by her mother), a new chessboard (as suggested by her grandparents, who were enthusiasts in the board game), or a bow, which was what she wanted the most. 

And there were a couple of rumors floating around that her parents were going to marry her off to Raze when she turns fifteen, but, for now, that was nothing to worry about.

She got the wooden bow, and she couldn't be even more happier. She jumped to her parents, who were grinning at their little girl, and hugged them affectionately. She had the greatest parents in the world. “Thanks mum! Thanks dad!” she said, hugging them tighter.

Her mother Cassiopeia hugged her back and patted her on the back. Her father Gemini chuckled and patted her head lovingly before handing her a quiver full of arrows, much to her delight. “Now, you go out to the garden and impress me with your archery skills, alright then, Andromeda dear?”

The little vampiress grabbed the new wooden weapon she received and her father's quiver of arrows and headed straight to the garden at the back of their humble abode. When Cassiopeia could see her daughter no longer, her smile faded and she turned to her husband. “Honestly, Gemini? You gave our sweet, little Andromeda a bow? A bow, for the sake of the gods! A weapon! No. I cannot stand this. Andromeda will not be raised in the arts of weaponry. Do you know how dangerous that is?”

What is wrong with that, Cassiopeia? What is the problem here?” Andromeda's father said, frowning. “I think Andy would simply love to be a warrior like her father one day. She was named after your grandmother, Andromache, after all. She always wanted me to take her to the formal military meetings fifty years ago. That would tell you something about her.”

Andromeda was supposed to be raised to be a lady,” Cassiopeia said sternly. “She will be forced to wed in sixty years, and that would be such a short period of time. Gods, sixty years will come by in a blink of an eye! Gemini, do you not understand? Most vampire men would find her unattractive if she is bruised and scarred and you know how important marriage is to the Vel family...” she trailed off.

Cassiopeia, we can probably pair her with that young man Raze Fang. They have been friends for forty years, dear. Surely, his guardians will accept.” Gemini said. The two of them then proceeded to look outside the window. The sun was setting, but Andromeda was still outside, shooting arrows at tree barks and pouting and groaning in rage as she had numerous failed attempts in hitting the bulls-eye.

Cassiopeia, darling, she has pure talent. She is blessed by the vampire gods. She will grow up to be an archery prodigy like our forefathers, I am sure of it. I was not this good when I was a child, but I have taught her well. She has been taught well.” Gemini said, placing a hand on his wife's shoulder. “She will not turn into another person simply because I have carved a bow for her. You have nothing to worry about.”

You are right, Gemini,” Cassiopeia said, sighing. “Indeed, I am being worried over nothing. She will be alright, yes?” her worried sky blue eyes met her husband's calm stormy gray ones. “I just want what's best for Andromeda. She is my only daughter, after all...” she looked back outside the window, a smile gracing her face when she saw her little daughter whoop in joy as her arrow hit its target. “Indeed, Dromeda does look happy.”

Andromeda will be happy, as long as she does what she is born to do.” Gemini said solemnly. “And she was born to be an archer. Andromeda has a great destiny, I am just sure of it. Among all the vampires that the Fates were to bless, she is one of the lucky ones.”

It's what the prophecy stated after all,” he muttered under his breath, so soft that his wife couldn't hear it. Cassiopeia was too busy staring at her daughter, who was, for once, enjoying her childhood. 

And for once, Andromeda's mother simply couldn't help but smile at the scene right in front of her. Maybe, she thinks. Maybe Andromeda is going to grow up to be safe, after all. And I swear to myself, I will be with her every step of the way.

© 2013 Andy~

Author's Note

The lyrics at the beginning of the prologue is owned by Michael Bolton - well, at least I use the Disney version of I Can Go the Distance, so I figure Disney owns that too, I suppose.
The rest of the story - plot, characters, content - is mine.

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other than it could've used some descriptions pretty stellar start i have to say. I love andromeda's character already

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Looks to be an interesting read. Andromeda "seems" happy...for now. But will that remain? As they always seem to say: "The song remains the same". We'll soon find out...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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