The Mysteries Of The Dark- Preview

The Mysteries Of The Dark- Preview

A Story by Weeping Willow

I am only putting up a preview until i'm done



Darkness consumes anything in its path, but if you’re pure of heart you can break through the darkness, into the beautiful light of the sweet day. The darkness wouldn’t make it easy, but you must get to the light even if it takes you through a path filled with blood.



Have you ever felt uneasy or a sense that you’ve forgotten something. That’s how I feel at this very moment. It’s almost like something important has been left behind, and it unsettles me. It’s almost like my heart has been ripped out of my chest and treaded on. And yet I feel happy about it, like the person who I forgotten was hurting me. And now they’re gone I feel free, but not safe, not safe from something that I fear.

What is it that I fear? Pain, bugs, darkness or something worse I don’t know. I realise now I have forgotten my way in this world, I forgotten who raised me, and who I am. Maybe the answer lays down this building, maybe if I look closely. As I bend over the fence on this four story building on the roof of a school I see to people staring at me. Krystal, Teagan they’re my friends I remember now. I meant them in the second year off high school, and this school is my high school. We came here early to talk about Nicky; I look around the roof and then back to my friends.

I bend over the fence on the roof and get a funny feeling, what is this feeling? I felt this before; I stand on top of the fence, the feeling to jump off high surfaces. I step one of my feet of the fence, and soon enough jump. The wind in my face is so pleasant, I see my friends they’re yelling to me.

I’m sorry…….. I’m so sorry! 

I grab Krystal and shake her, Teagan tries to pull me off her but I slap her. Krystal’s face is full of fear, as I keep saying,

“I have to die, don’t you get it I have to die.” When I look behind me Teagan’s head is smashed into the wall. I stop shaking Krystal, and when I look at her she can’t stop crying. When I slapped Teagan I smashed her head into the building, I have no idea what’s going on? I still don’t let go of Krystal I walk to Teagan’s body. The blood it smells terrible, Krystal is still crying and the sound of her cries angry me into shaking her again. I shake her like a rag doll and then finally snap her right arm, she screams in pain which angers me more. So I smash her head into the wall right next to Teagan’s body.

“What have I done?”

© 2013 Weeping Willow

Author's Note

Weeping Willow
Terrible gramma, the book won't come out till i'm done same with any other book i have written.

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it's really strange and thrilling i can't wait for the book. i like the use of poetry techniques and how it leaves you with questions. ur gramma is better than mine and i didn't notice it but hey i sure the book will be amazing :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

It sounds interesting , and would be entertaining to read. I am trying to find more dark writers and form a friendship as well as community among us. I would love to review your work when you feel you are ready to post it.

Grammar takes time an patience to go through and edit as you write. If you need help or suggestions , I am willing to give a helping hand from my knowledge. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Weeping Willow
Weeping Willow

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