The Lover's Betrothed

The Lover's Betrothed

A Poem by Sarah Marie

I am princess to my father, and only few more-
"A man fit for royalty," he had said; and now
My betrothed waits outside my door; 
My lover sleeps within my bed.
"A crown of jewels he shall give
Which shines far brighter than the stars above."
Yet I prefer to not live
Without my dearest, adorned in love.
"A gown of silk and riches fine
If the princess gives him her heart."
Yet my heart is no longer mine
And surely could not dare depart
From his which beats with mine entwined.
I wonder if this stranger knows
Of the man who lies in my room;
Or my hate for my betrothed
And his desire to be my groom.
I wish him not into my home,
My heart, my body, my soul;
For I've another-my prince has come-
To whom I've offered myself in whole.
My lover knows not the truth behind my tears,
My eyes set upon the worry within his own.
The dear fool knows not why I should fear,
For surely forever it shall be he and I alone.
I have not strength to say why I cry,
Concern growing along with his care;
He whispers his love with contended sigh,
Lover stroking my morning hair.
"My light, my sweet, the joy of my day,
My love forever and ever,
Why ever you weep I promise to stay,
Love you for life and leave you for never.
"My beautiful girl, secret to hold,
You've no need whatever to fret;
Speak to me what you've been told
That's made my darling this upset."
He tries and pleads for me to stay,
My dearest man, friend and lover;
We laugh, we cry, we love, we lay-
Yet Father's chosen another.
"Your pleas are too great for me to not tell-
You know I crave your voice and need your care;
You are my secret I want to yell,
Yet I've another which pains me to share."
"My princess soft, you need not shake and shiver;
You need not hide, you need not sob-"
"How can my lips not quiver
When my heart, my lover's been robbed?"
The hurt in his face, ache in his eyes,
Is enough to renew my tears;
Yet I do not dare begin my cry,
'Lest another should happen to hear.
"My dear, my love, warm stable hand,
You are my heart's own shining knight-
With eyes so deep and strength of man
And arms which trap this lady tight.
I wish you had more so Father could see
I need not marry any other.
You're all I want, all I need-
Yet Father has chosen another!"
His eyes grow wide, his frown a grin,
And he rises with a kiss to my head.
"Surely it would be a sin
To not plead to be the one you wed.
This man is a stranger whom you shan't desire
As long as I am still your lover;
I shall go and speak to Sire
While you rest and lie beneath this cover.
I wish you only the sweetest sleep,
For when I return, dear bride-to-be,
I shall give a promise to forever keep-
Alone with my bride, just you and me.
"No need to fret, my dearest girl;
You will not be missing me for long-
When I return to be your whole world
By creating a must out of our wrong."
"Wrong?" I say to my dear heart.
"If it is wrong to be with you
And never wish to be apart
Then I never wish to be good and true!"
"Silly girl," he laughs again.
"Hush your sadness before we wed; 
For your father will truly find it a sin
When I tell him about our night in bed."
"Are you mad?" I cry and blush.
"He will do far more than you expect."
Yet I'm received by a gentle hush
And promise of call if I must protect.
"Your honor shall remain intact
If married to never another."
He whispers as a matter of fact,
"My princess forever, we will be more than lovers."
A secret too great for her trembling voice,
He turns with a last kiss farewell;
So the courting of the bold stable boy-
Secrets and kisses and chimed wedding bells.

© 2012 Sarah Marie

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I'm extremely surprised that you have no reviews for this! Seems I'm always the one that reviews first, and I feel special for it.
First of this is I must say though, it's a little slightly long for my taste, but it doesn't matter! If it was any shorter or longer, it would probably ruin this lovely story.
I'd just like to say I'd probably hate being forced to marry someone and having to know that I would be marrying someone I didn't love or didn't know or didn't choose to be with. But this story shows that even those who do not love those they are forced to be with, that they will somehow have a unique kind of relationship, that more wonderful than love. Not all stories that involve being betrothed end up like this. Usually, yes, the typical story of a girl being betrothed to a man she doesn't love, end up going off with the man she loves, behind he betrotheds back, and goes of a does this that lovers do, but sometimes to women goes to love her betrothed, that or her betrothed lets her go. There's all kind of stories I've read that involve being betrothed and each are different, or the same.
But this poem about a lover's betrothed is a unique one all it's own! I love this so much, Sarah! I always love your poetry, please keep sending me more! (once I remember to turn on my reading requests)
Thank you so much for blessing me with your writing and your friendship on writers cafe! We really should talk more, I mean it! aha
Thank you!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Sarah Marie

11 Years Ago

o wow! You may always be my first, but I do look forward to your reviews! I love to read all that yo.. read more

11 Years Ago

I'm pretty sure you're the only person that I've ever writter reviews this long for to be honest, an.. read more

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