May You Dream

May You Dream

A Poem by Sarah Marie

I am really beginning to like lullabies...I think this is my third or fourth.


Sleep, my dear,

My sweet, darling child;

Sleep in my arms

And stay for awhile

In the dreamland

All your own;

Find your peace

And make it a home.

Clutch the stars,

And hold the moon;

Don’t let them escape

From your grasp too soon

Lest the rising sun

Sees them flee

And decides to wake up

You and me.

Rest, my love,

And close those eyes;

Your tired gaze can be seen

From the darkening sky.

The moonlit, midnight shine

Falls upon your face;

It glistens and kisses

Features blessed with grace.

The night welcomes you

Inside its strong, broad hold;

It sings you a song

Of forgotten stories untold;

The night’s touch lingers

Across your cheek-

Listen carefully

To all it has to speak.

Many long and cold nights

Have passed over this land;

May you live and love it,

But may you first understand

Not all the sweet babes

Are fortunate enough to know

This is where all the children

Learn how to grow.

They dream what they want,

But first what they are;

They befriend and forgive,

Not wish on a star;

May you keep your soul

In your dreams;

Never forget they are seldom

What they seem.

The night beckons you,

My own smiling child;

It pleads for you to come

And stay for awhile-

I know not what you will learn

This night or any other

In your own dreamland,

Safe under the covers;

But may you always know

There is no truer place;

May there always be peace

In your sleeping face.

© 2013 Sarah Marie

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Super sweet, and I love lullabies! I've only written one, though, and it's pretty short. Anyhow, it's beautiful, I love it!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Sarah Marie

11 Years Ago

Yay! Thank you!
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I cannot seriously believe that no one has commented on this poem yet. Your use of words and imagery are astounding ,Sarah, and the elegant depiction you paint throughout the piece seems effortless. My favorite line is "May there always be peace
In your sleeping face. " Great job :)


Posted 11 Years Ago

Sarah Marie

11 Years Ago

Thank you! That is much appreciated :)

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Sarah Marie
Sarah Marie

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