The Bay It Buzz

The Bay It Buzz

A Story by Harris

A story of alien confusion and disappointment.








         I knew they were lying.


         "Don burry Bill, ebryting bill be albright" in that crazy accent of theirs with their "B's" and "W's" crossed.


         The house was a horrible mess. The furniture was dirty and old. What pictures there were were crooked and not of anything anyone in their right mind would

hang on a wall--a photo of a toilet seat, a painting of a rumpled sheet of paper. The yard was littered with newspaper, the lawn was some sickly tufts of wiry grass, the gate was hanging by a single hinge.


         "Ebryting bill be just the bay it buzz", he had said.

 But it buzzn’t… er, wasn’t..


         It wasn't just that the house was a mess, it's what lay beyond the gate that really stunned me. Desert. There were a few forlorn little houses like mine and

then nothing but scrub and dust and tumbleweed as far as the eye could see.


         "You call this the way it was?" I said to Bork. The alien stood a full seven feet tall and grinned down at me with its idiotic grin and its shiny suit. It looked human but you could tell he wasn't really.


         "Bell, it buzz harder den be taut. Wut all in all not too wad."


         I could only groan for what was once a lovely midwestern town in the corn-belt. Put through Bork's analyzer it was supposed to be digitized and reassembled exactly the way it was.  But it didn't take a genius to see that the reality that went in wasn't what came out. In went my sofa with the art deco arms and the fabulous fabric I searched all over Chicago for and out came this cheapo used Sears hide-a-bed I wouldn't sit a dog on. In went my little dog, Muffy, and out came this cat-like fur beast.


         "Stop" I yelled.  "You're getting it all wrong."


         "Don burry," Bork said and squirted me with something that knocked me out for a week.  When I came to things were pretty strange and Bork and his pals were gone. He paid me though, just as he promised.  I have a stack of hundred dollar bills in the basement. Every one has a picture of George Bush on it.

© 2010 Harris

Author's Note

flash fiction

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Added on March 22, 2010
Last Updated on March 22, 2010
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