A Story by Tomatowolf

He's not perfect... but he's mine.


Warning: Brief cursing.


He isn't perfect. I can vouch for that.

He isn't the nicest person in the world and his language can get colorful. His hands aren't soft when he holds me- they're rough and calloused from working all day to support his household... which is constantly fluctuating. His “friends”, if that's what you want to call them, drift in and out uninvited and unexpected, eat and sleep and then leave him with a dirty house and no food.

But he doesn't complain. I don't know what goes on in his head, but he never voices his opinion. He just... deals with it.

I don't know how he manages to stay alive. He's either working to make end's meet, working his a*s off in school or saving my butt from some ghost that attacks the town. He doesn't want to be a nobody, even if that's what society views him as.

At least I have a name for myself, but he doesn't even have that. I knew who my parents were and I still have a family member left. But he... doesn't have anyone. He doesn't even know if “Kaitso Atokata” is his real name. Maybe that's why he's so cold, so distant from everyone all the time. Things have never been good for him.

But... he's not the same with me. With me, I can see a glimpse of who Kai used to be. Of who he was before Zamorax and life had ruined him. There's life in his eyes when I talk to him, a spring in his step. Is it because of me, I wonder? Could I, A.J. Courman, have that effect on someone? I don't know because he'll never talk to me about it. Even though we hug like good friends and joke around with each other, I still don't know if he feels the same way about me that I feel about him.

He's stubborn. He can be a jerk. He's cold. So why do I care about him so much? Because I can see through the emotionless mask he wears to protect himself. I can see his feelings even when nobody else can. I can understand the hardships he goes through because I suffer through my life... even if it's not as bad as his.

That's why I love him. That's why I'd risk my life just to protect him like I know he would with me. That's why I bother talking to him everyday even when I know I'll just get brushed off or glared at. Because he's stubborn. Because he's not perfect. Because he's Kaitso Atokata.

And he's mine.

© 2009 Tomatowolf

Author's Note

This is another short one-shot from the perspective of my character, A.J., about her boyfriend, Kaitso Atokata (who is a character that belongs to my friend). Zamorax is another character that causes Kai grief. No major critique, please.

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Added on May 18, 2009



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