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About Me

I am Angel.
You may know me as Tomatowolf, Dark_Rebel_Wolf, ShadoWolf, WolfManiac, OokamiManiakku, SuperCoolNinjaGrl or Friday.
I am eighteen years old.
I am a Jesus Freak!
My birthday is September 2nd. I love it.
Drama and acting is my passion.
My favorite color is orange and my favorite number is 8.
I would die without my computer.
I role play online with my bestest friends.
I write; read; draw; and design websites.
I entertain myself with wild stories and plotlines when I'm bored.
I'm part of the 5awesomepeople on Youtube.
I also have my own Youtube account: Tomatowolf.
I am terrified of planes and flying.
I'm also afraid of elevators and semi's.
I love all animals except for mice... and june bugs.
I love Danny Phantom to death. (Hahahaha. Pun.)
Naruto is teh bomb.
I have just recently become obsessed with Doctor Who.
I'm still into Pokemon and own R,B,Y,S,G,C,Ru,Sa,Em,TCG, Ranger: Almia, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum versions of the GBA games.
I also own Pokemon XD and Coliseum, and over 2,000 cards.
My motto is, "Never Give Up! Never Surrender!"
That motto was taken from the movie "Galaxy Quest".
I love roller coasters.
I ballroom dance.
But I don't wear dresses or make-up.
I am an over-achiever.
I will cry if I get any grade below an A-.
I taught myself HTML coding.
I consider myself a nerd.
I want to work at a Christian summer camp this year.


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Posted 14 Years Ago

We're friends now because of me. I called up the creators of the site and threatened that if they didn't allow me to add you to my list, I would hunt them down and force feed them their own still-beating hearts.

You're welcome. ;)