entry 2

entry 2

A by Trent Blake



I had a chicken pot pie just now. It's all that was left in the freezer. I brought a sandwich from home but it just didn't look all that good so I gave it to Tim, the new rookie. He's having trouble with the whole pole thing. He says he takes issue with actually sliding down it, that it's too stereotypical and he feels labeled by it. So I suggested he just jump through the hole instead when the siren goes off. He won't do that either. He said he'll just start sleeping on the couch from now on. I told him he can't, that's where awake people sit. He got mad and stormed off. I can see him now, he's sitting on the curb outside, gently rocking back and forth. I think he might have some problems. My mom came up here today and brought us all pickled peppers. Yummy! I'm




did I tell you what I dreamed last night? I dreamed of a garden, and a flowering vine, and I saw a wooden lattice thing, and the flowers were climbing up it, well not the flowers but the vine. And I thought of the relationship between the vine and the lattice, who needs who more? I saw the flowers needed the lattice for support, and the lattice needed the flowers to bring life and color into it's otherwise bland, wooden world. And then I got to thinking of a whole bunch of other things and


Wiat! I'm going to draw it. But first,





© 2008 Trent Blake

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This was many nights ago now, so long ago that the consistency of your dreams that night are not even the vapidness of death. They are truly composed of the phantasm-sinews of forgotten meaninglessness.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on August 10, 2008