Chapter 1: Here Comes The Sun

Chapter 1: Here Comes The Sun

A Chapter by makeamasterpiece

Where Simone (Sim) meets Blue Eyes (Johnny) and a friendship blossoms.

I met Johnny Hennison when I walked into my first ever kindergarten classroom. I was a weird looking kindergartener or maybe I was normal who knows. I had overalls a bit to big, my brown hair was always tangled, I was way to loud for anyone to manage and I was missing my two front teeth. 
The teacher Ms. June had walked up to me, 
"What's your name sweetheart?" She had asked and I smiled, 
"Sim Keller." I had replied and she had smiled looking down at her roll call list. She raised an eyebrow then looked back up at me, 
"I see a Simone Keller, is that you?" She had asked and I had nodded. She wrote something down then she stated I could sit wherever I wanted too. She walked away to speak to another family. 
I looked around and saw a blonde boy sitting by himself and playing with his fingers. He had wild dirty blonde curls and high cheekbones. I walked over and sat down next to him, he jumped and looked up at me. 
His eyes were the bluest blue I had ever seen. They were electryifying and they contrasted great with his milky white skin. I stared at him because I was five and I had never seen a pretty boy before until that exact moment. I wanted to compliment him but I endeed up saying, 
"Hey there, Blue Eyes! I'm Sim!" I cried thrusting my hands out to him, I had seen my mom shake hands with people before so I thought it was cool to do it. Blue eyes raised his eyebrows, 
"What kind of name is Sim?" He asked and I rolled my eyes, 
"Mine! Duh!" I screamed and he laughed, 
"I'm Johnny but my real name is Johnothan." He stated and I nodded, 
"That's nice. And look we're twinsies!" I screamed showing him my missing two front teeth and pointing to his. He laughed throwing his head back and he had the deepest dimples and the best laugh ever. I could see his uvula move and I wanted to reach my hand into his mouth and just touch it, feel the vibrations and make sure this boy was real because he was absolutely unbelievable. 
"Yeah did you get money from the tooth fairy?" He asked me and I nodded, 
"Yeah I got a whole fifty cents!" I screamed and he chuckled, 
"I got a whole dollar!" My eyes widened, 
"No fair!" He laughed, 
"I'll share it with you if you want. We can buy ice-cream." He stated and I shrugged, 
We talked that whole morning and we both got in trouble but I was happy because I had just made a friend in Johnny Hennison. 
When school was over and we were packing up our bags I turned to him, 
"Hey wanna come to my house for dinner?" He shrugged and put out his hand. I looked down at it and I realized he meant that he wanted me to hold it so I did. 
"Lets go ask my mom." So we walked out of the classroom hand in hand to the car loop. There was a blonde woman with a baby in her hands smiling at Johnny and I was guessing that was his mom, my mother was right behind her staring at me. 
"That's my sister Juliette. We all call her Jules." Johnny whispered into my ear. I nodded, 
"She's so cute." He shrugged, 
"Do you have siblings?" I shook my head, 
"Nope just me and my cat Cookie." I replied and he sighed, 
"I always wanted a pet turtle." I gasped, 
"Turtles are so cool!" I didn't realize we were in front of his mom until she crouched down and kissed his forehead. 
"How was your first day sweetie?" She asked him grinning from ear to ear. They both had the electrifying blue eyes and so did baby Jules who was trying to form words at Johnny. 
"It was good. My friend Sim wanted to know if I could go to her house for dinner." Johnny stated and his mother looked apprehensive. I looked around for my mother who was standing outside her car and watching us now. 
Finally Johnny's mother agreed and I grabbed his hand, pulling him into my car. We drove in the backseat with Michael Buble, John Mayer and Frank Sinatra blasting from one of my mother's classic mix CD's she had made for herself. 
We had dinner with my mother. While we were eating Johnny looked around then looked at me, 
"Where's your dad?" He asked and I sighed running a hand through my mangeled hair, 
"He has an other family with three other kids! Hailey, Preston and Regina. They're all triplets and they're eight. I have a stepmom named Virginie, I don't like her." I stated. I hated my half brother and sisters because everytime I went to visit they thought they were better than me and Virginie was a fat cow. 
"Sim, don't say that about your father's family." My mom had said and I had rolled my eyes. 
After that Johnny played with Cookie for a whole hour and he loved her. He cooed over her non-stop and I was just laughing and stroking her fur. Finally mom decided it was time for him to get home so I put my pinky finger out, 
"Best friends forever right?" I asked and he nodded, 
So the whole Kindergarten year was Johnny and I. We were insperable just the way I liked it. Johnny had another sister named Jolene who was 13 and a brother named Jax who was only 10. His dad was fun and would make creations with us in the garage. 
His house was like a second home to me and sometimes he would come to my house and we would count my Spiderman card collection because I loved Spidey. 
I liked being friends with Johnny because it was effortless and easy. 
The Beatles Tribute Band �" Here Comes The Sun

© 2012 makeamasterpiece

Author's Note

what you think? every chapter name is a song that I love so yeah enjoy.

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Added on December 6, 2012
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