Dream 4-10-11

Dream 4-10-11

A Story by Veronica



 To be honest, this dream kind of creeped me out. My dreams usually don’t end up like this. Or have Nathan W. in them.


 My friends Laura and Sarah and I were going to go see the movie Hop at the local movie theater. So as we were buying sodas and popcorn, I see this kid named Nathan who goes to my school with his little sister. His sister had brown hair in the dream, but she actually had blonde hair. At least I think so. (I only saw his sister once, ok?)


 So I see that he’s going to this secret movie in this secret part of the movies. I look in front of me to see a sign that says “Gamble your way into the scary movie, $9 minimum.” So I ask the lady in front of me who is wearing a black apron and who has her blonde hair up in a ponytail if I can gamble to see this secret movie. She tells me yes and leads my friends and I upstairs.


 I look in my wallet to find some money to use to gamble and I find that I have way more than $10. I then show her my $10 bill and place it on the table. I then look to my left to see a bunch of my friend Kacey but then the lady pulls out some cards. She told me if I picked one wrong card, I lose my $10 and can’t see the movie.


 I picked all the cards carefully and I ended up winning the gamble, so I pick up my $10 and then my friends and I are led into this dark room and are forced to sit on the hard, wooden floor.


 I see some girls from my school and this one random kid who I don’t even know. But then I look to the screen and see a shark biting someone’s head off. I didn’t even know it was a scary movie! All the girls, including me, were hiding behind Nathan’s orange track shirt.


 I was clinging to his shirt so hard and had my eyes off the screen the whole time while everyone else was screaming hysterically. I ended up clinging to Nathan’s shirt until the end of the movie and by the time everyone else had left, his arms were around me and I felt protected and then he whispered in my ear, “I love you.”, and then he kissed my cheek and left.


 By now I was looking for Sarah and Laura but I couldn’t find them. And I couldn’t stop thinking about what Nathan said so I decided to tell him something at school the next day in my dream. As I was trying to find Sarah to go walk home, I found Nathan in the commons, with his track uniform on. Black shorts, orange shirt. I whispered in his ear, “And I don’t love you.” Then we both laughed cause apparently I got Nathan’s joke or something. (I’ll never know cause it was only in my dream.)


 I ran off with Nathan giving me a weird look and then I found Sarah all the way by the highway with a bunch of bikes by Laura. Sarah had to run off for something since she was being chased by something and so I tailed her and we said goodbye to Laura.


 Sarah and I ran about 2 miles across millions of train tracks and we ended up hiding in this doghouse with mini windows. Then my dream ended.

The End


 This is a bit weird for my dreams but oh well. Tell me what you think!



© 2011 Veronica

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Dreams are like that, aren't they? Enjoyed reading about yours. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Nathan W. saying he loves you? xD
"Sarah and I ran about 2 miles across millions of train tracks and we ended up hiding in this doghouse with mini windows. Then my dream ended."
Win? lol

Posted 13 Years Ago

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