Early Morning

Early Morning

A Story by whitfitt

I wake up, I brush my teeth and wash my face, the water is freezing. Why didn't I wait for it to turn warm? Was I in a hurry? No, no. I've forgotten a towel, I make my way to the linen closet with eyes closed shut, no water is seeping into these hazel eyes! Aha! I've felt around for my wash cloth. I dry my face and proceed to the kitchen. I brew some coffee. The sweet smell of hazelnut surrounds the room and as I place my hands around the cup, it's the perfect temperature to warm my cold morning fingertips. I feel chills down my shoulders and into the bottom of my back. I take the first sip. Ow! My tongue is burnt! I waltz to the backyard with my cup and place my bottom on the comfy porch chair and open up the paper. Death and destruction, suicide and bullying, bombs and tsunamis. I throw the paper to the other side of the glass table in disgust. My phone is ringing, who would call at such an early hour? It's mom. She's called to check in. "Everything is fine" I say. I lied. Everything has to be fine for the sake of peace. I hang up the phone. I close my eyes. I hear birds chirping. 
I will make today a good one.

© 2011 whitfitt

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it nice :D people can relate to this short story :)
good job :3

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on March 23, 2011
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Ft. Worth, TX

I'm Whitney. I love God, Volkswagens, stretched lobes, tattoos, piercings, cats, sleeping, writing, Tumblr, comedy movies, reading, sleeping, smiling, laughing, sleeping, being barefoot, driving, coff.. more..

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