Two Roads Diverged

Two Roads Diverged

A Poem by Erin Sky

trying to decide between CU Boulder and OU


The hardest decision I will ever make

The hardest word to write

(yes or no)

The hardest time, beckoning on more time

The hardest decision I will ever make


Not hard and slick and chilled like a coroner’s table

Not hard and rough and crumbling like a northern river bank

(plains or mountains)

Not hard and hot and cosy like mom’s clothes iron

Not hard in any way but way to take


If right is always hard, unbending, upending

If right has hard roads, green grass, sweaty summer

(nouveau or old)

If right breathes red dust and snow in fields where flowers grow

If right is hidden, uncoming when bidden, what do I make?


To go up or horizontal, to descend, to crawl

To go running from a daydream, a chill on the neck at vespers

(ease or tense)

To go like the dream is all that matters

To go, to go, and so never go


The difference between distance and space

The differences between draw and trace

(hero or hero)

The difference in similitude

The difference in floating and making a choice


The hardest decision I will ever make

The hardest will weather and corrode

(better or better)

The hardest disappears and follows me away

The hardest returns and holds me strongly at st/sway

© 2008 Erin Sky

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i love how you turned that choice into a poem! great

Posted 16 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on May 16, 2008


Erin Sky
Erin Sky

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