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Would you believe me if I said I could predict how everyone in this world will die?

It's like a movie that plays out in my mind at the worst of the moments. My eyes just flash off, and show me a world that I've never been to, or a world I was too familiar with. I live the actions that are happening, and I feel all the pain. Most of these images are of death; some to people I have never seen before, and some to people I know all too well. You might think this a gift given to me to help people escape from their deaths. But if it's fate, why do they need to escape it? Why do they need me to predict it?

Would you believe me if I said I kill people?

Yes, it's a horrible thing I do, but I guess the people I kill aren't really people. They're more like nightmares that once haunted the dreams of children across the world. These horrific creatures need to die if we want to live. They will never stop in their own killings, so I, and my team, must kill them before they kill someone with a true future. Yet I was addicted to these creatures like a moth is to the flame. It's like when I'm near them I feel human. It's like I feel normal. It's like I belong. So why do I kill them? Why do I kill the creatures that are so alike to me?

Would you believe me if I said I never told a lie?

No, I wouldn't either, for that little statement is yet a lie inside a truth. It's not that I don't lie, I just don't like to. Bad things happen when I lie; worst things happen when I try to keep that lie. You can say I'm a bad liar with my habit of scrunching my nose or biting the inside of my lip making it obvious that I was lying, yet no one has ever caught me before. My aunt still thinks that I don't kill people, and my boyfriend still thinks I don't find that cute boy we are going to kill attractive. Lying in my life was a bad thing, so why did I still do it? Why do I lie to protect something I don't want to protect?

Would you believe me if I said I don't believe in love?

I don't believe in love. It's as simple as that. I always found love to be an unnecessary emotion that I could never feel. Love was just something that made people act stupid, and make the wrong decisions in the worst possible minute. Love was going to be the downfall of everyone one day, and I was completely scared of it. I knew love was going to be my downfall too, so I always pushed everyone away. Yet if love was going to be my downfall, why I don't I believe in it? Is it because I've never felt it before? Or is it I don't want to feel it? Why is love such a complicated thing?

So would you believe me? Or would you laugh and say that I was insane? I do understand if you would. It's something that's hard to take in at first. Yet if you watch the world like I do you may start to realize that everyone out there isn't who they say they are. They all have secrets that are so deeply hidden that only themselves could ever figure it out. Sometimes they don't even figure it out, and the destruction begins. I've seen it happen many times, and do you know what I learned from all of it? I learned the hardest truth that no one can ever seem to wrap their fingers around.

We are all Damned. Damned by the sun. Damned by the moon. Damned by the air we breathe, and by the light that reflects in our wide, scared eyes. Not even the sweet, young, innocent children can escape from the horror that has taken over the earth. We're all trapped inside the hellish world we all try to escape. I wasn't an exception.

No one was.

© 2011 xXCrystalRoseXx

Author's Note

Just tell me what you think. Good or Bad. Thanks.

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Well, that was good(: Creepy and a little bit depressing, but in a good way. It seems interesting.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Ok, here's the truth : I love it. I love vampires, and in the introduction you've already caught my attention! Please write on, please really do, its have great potential! I love how you introduce the vamp in this book, cause I just adore it!
Nice written!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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